Coronavirus and travel liability

Coronavirus and travel liability

Coronavirus and travel liability

This is the kind of news that we would never want to have to write. 

Given the global emergency due to coronavirus infection -covid 19- and since our activity is directly related to international air travel, we have seen fit to provide some basic information on what to do if you were planning to travel soon. 

Is about general recommendations for any traveler as well as specific for Tumaini travelers. At Tumaini, we closely follow the evolution of the spread of the coronavirus internationally. We believe that the first thing is the health of all and all. 


Recommendations for traveling and solidarity trips Tumaini

following the communiqué from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the general citizen recommendation is to "avoid non-urgent, essential or essential trips abroad".

For all Tumaini solidarity trips that are altered, We will modify the reservation of the place without any cost -always according to availability-. The destination countries of our trips are in different circumstances.  

The countries that we are currently aware of that are not allowing access are India and Nepal. There are others that can be accessed but that warn of home isolation for a period of 14 days for travelers from Spain, such as Peru

Passing through countries where stopovers are usually made to reach other usual final destinations in Tumaini may also be affected. For example, Saudi Arabia It is closed to people who stop over and United States it will be closed from midnight on Friday for both access and stopovers for European passengers.

As the situation is quite changing, we leave you some sources of consultation. In general we consider reliable sources only official ones such as the consulates and embassies of each country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Spanish. Almost all of these organizations have some type of information about the coronavirus on their front pages.  

In this article from El País They are updating the countries that do not allow access to Spanish tourists. But we always recommend checking the news with another official source, such as embassies or consulates. 

We also recommend finding out, in each specific case, about the health and travel insurance coverage as well as the corresponding flight company. 

All Tumaini travelers who have any questions, we are at your disposal through any of our usual channels: social networks (FB, TW and IG): phones +34 691 45 06 65 (Jenni, Latin America and Asia) / +34 606 84 00 25 (Monica, India and Kenya) and also by mail 

nepal backlight


WHO advice and informative hoaxes 

We believe it is very important to follow medical, governmental and specialized international entity recommendations. At Tumaini we have put into practice some minimum safety standards for health. 

Among them, with great sadness we have had to communicate the Postponement of our Tumaini Solidarity Meeting in Barcelona, which was scheduled for Friday the 13th at the Altaïr Bookstore. We hope to have another date soon and celebrate with more enthusiasm if possible!

At Tumaini we have always been very fond of teleworking, but now more. We are prioritizing online meetings, although We miss seeing each other's faces and giving each other hugsWe believe that it is the most responsible. 

Regarding general health advice, whether you cannot avoid traveling or for daily life, we believe it is important to follow the basic protection measures of the World Health Organization -WHO-, like wash your hands several times a day, do not touch your face, Avoid going to events with a lot of people or avoid making unnecessary trips. 

We know that it is difficult to avoid direct contact with all people, but, out of responsibility, we can avoid contact with people at risk, such as the elderly. Think that young people may not have the symptoms but transmit the virus. 

Mental care is also an important part in these cases. It seems healthy to us to be well informed but also to avoid unnecessary alarm, and this includes taking care of the information we transmit. The WHO has also published some advice about rumors about the new coronavirus, which we found very interesting.  

We also leave you a link from the Ministry of Health with the community information telephone numbers. There is also one nationwide, 900102112, although it may be saturated.

Travelers of the world! Take care of yourselves wherever you are. 

With a short pause, but we continue to see each other along the paths of international volunteering and solidarity.

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