Lucas volunteer travel Peru

How to do responsible tourism... from home?

Lucas volunteer travel Peru

How to do responsible tourism... from home?

This summer, surely you have tried to be a more respectful traveler with the environment, animals and cultures. You have seen tourists littering and you have been outraged. You have read about the subject and you have become aware. But, once at home, can you continue doing responsible tourism? At Tumaini we are clear: yes! We tell you 5 things you can do without leaving your city.

1 Share your experience and learning

The days go by and you soon return to the routine, but don't miss the opportunity to share with your loved ones what you have learned! Show your photos and videos, explain your concerns about the negative consequences of tourism and, above all, Share your tips for traveling leaving as little footprint as possible. Also, offer your help if a friend, family member or colleague asks you for advice to prepare their next getaway. The more aware people there are, the better!

Mónica and Víctor remembering their solidarity trips to Kenya in Barcelona
Mónica and Víctor remembering their time in Barcelona.


2 Report the things that do not fit you

It is not about going through life throwing fights, or giving lessons. But if someone tells you that they have ridden an elephant on their vacation, given alms to children or stayed on the beachfront, don't play along! Explain to him that his option does not seem correct to you and why. Of course, with a smile 🙂

3 Use your networks to raise awareness

Your social networks are powerful, use them to raise awareness and set an example! Show your followers the things you didn't like about your trip and tell them why you decided to switch to the sustainable side of tourism. Interact with other people who are also concerned about the same issue. Create debate, awaken the critical spirit, generate alliances!

4 Collaborate with projects

Go one step further and collaborate with an NGO! For example, if you've been outraged by how elephants are treated in the country you've visited, find an organization that raises awareness about animal rights in your city, or collaborate remotely with a local project. Your trip can be the first step on a beautiful journey full of solidarity!, learning, and beautiful moments with people with your same concerns!

Talk about solidarity trips in Barcelona.


5 Get ready to be a better traveler!

From your city you can prepare so that your next trip is even more sustainable. Read everything you can on the subject, go to talks, participate in meetings with other travelers… And if you are already clear about your next destination, start informing yourself as soon as possible! May each trip be one more step towards awareness and responsibility.

And, if you dare to make a solidarity trip next time, in Tumaini We are here to accompany you 😉

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