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October 2019

Claudia during her solidarity trip to Kenya From the first moment, Claudia understood what a solidarity trip consists of: “it is a priceless personal experience” where the person who travels is the one who benefits the most. He collaborated for 15 days in the shelter for street children in Kenya. As a nurse, she was able to heal some children. “For that alone it has already been worth it.” How was your arrival in the NGO? The welcome was super good, they explained the project to us, they gave us a dossier with information, they introduced us to the

Fires have devastated 4.1 million hectares of land in Bolivia.This Tuesday, Evo Morales finally gave the news we were all waiting for: the fires in the Bolivian Amazon have finally been extinguished. "The stage of recovery of the fauna and flora of our Chiquitania is beginning. Together we managed to put out the fire and together we will begin the post-fire stage," he says. But what are the real consequences of such large-scale fires? We tell you in 5 key points 1. 4.1 million hectares devastated In August, 30,901 forest fires were recorded in

This summer, surely you have tried to be a more respectful traveler with the environment, animals and cultures. You have seen tourists littering and you have been outraged. You have read about the subject and you have become aware. But, once at home, can you continue doing responsible tourism? At Tumaini we are clear: yes! We tell you 5 things you can do without leaving your city. 1 Share your experience and learning The days go by and soon you return to the routine, but do not miss the opportunity to share

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