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Namaste India and Nepal: Why do a solidarity trip with yoga or meditation?

Namaste India and Nepal: Why do a solidarity trip with yoga or meditation?

Volunteer doing yoga at the Kathmandu project in Nepal.
Volunteer doing yoga in the kathmandu Project, in Nepal.

Travel to the heart of Tibetan culture. Chatting about life with monks and Buddhist believers until you lose track of time. Practicing yoga in the place where it was born and where it lives, still today, with intensity, in its streets, in its people. All this and much more awaits you on our solidarity trips to Tumaini to India and Nepal.

If you love their culture and believe in generosity, We give you 5 reasons why you have to live itat least once in a lifetime. Although there are many more!

Volunteer in English classes with Tibetan refugees in India
Volunteer in the English classes with Tibetan refugees in India.


1 Because cultural immersion is total

In Spain you can train with the best teachers. Read everything that falls into your hands. But traveling to India or Nepal and cLive 24 hours a day with Buddhist and Tibetan people, chat with them, cook with them, walk with them... 100% immerses you in their culture! And it is a solidary and enriching experience that is not forgotten.

Tumaini's solidarity trips to India and Nepal include a minimum of two weeks volunteering:

  • In India, teaching English conversation classes with Tibetan monks who have fled persecution in China.
  • In Nepal, with school reinforcement and games with children and young people who have left behind their remote villages in the Himalayas to study secondary school in Kathmandu.

In both projects, volunteers spend most of the day surrounded by tibetan people: refugees who have had to flee their country, inspiring people who have started NGOs to protect their culture… the learning is incredible!

Volunteer learning our traditions in Nepal
Volunteer learning our traditions in nepal.


2 Because you help protect the culture you love so much

In various ways:

  • In India: you can collaborate with a program protection and dissemination of Tibetan literature, music and dance. Every week, they organize a festival to show these arts. Volunteers are needed to collaborate in the organization and dissemination of the event.
  • In Nepal: the boys and girls come from the Alto Dolpo region, specifically from one of the most remote villages in the world. Starting a new life in the capital Kathmandu is not easy for them. Exchange and cultural activities with volunteers encourage them to remain rooted in their culture and traditions.


Indian volunteer at a meditation center
Volunteer of India project in a meditation center.


3 Because you can practice yoga or meditation

The Indian NGO is closely linked to yoga, meditation and Tibetan culture. In Nepal, you can organize workshops with young people. most of the year, you can practice yoga in the same projects, or in nearby schools. These classes will provide you with new learning, techniques and ways of teaching and, most importantly, new values, concepts and perspectives on life.

4 Because you can use your knowledge to help others

If you have extensive knowledge in yoga, meditation, Tibetan bowls, etc. and you want to start a workshop to help the people of the project... go ahead! It will be possible for stays of at least one month. You can use your great passion to improve lives.

Yoga class with the boys and girls of Kathmandu
Yoga class with the boys and girls of Kathmandu

5 Because you will volunteer and give the best of yourself

Volunteers who return from their trips to India and Nepal always tell us the same thing: the trip manages to bring out the best in themselves and they return with their backpacks full of learning, values, friendships, love. They learn to value what they have more and less the insignificant things. They are life-changing trips.

You dare?

And you? Do you dare to make a solidarity trip to India o Nepal? Ask us for more information without obligation and we will be happy to tell you all about the projects. Tashi Delek or… all the best!


The India project is located in McLeod Ganj, where the Dalai Lama lives
The India project It is located in McLeod Ganj, where the Dalai Lama lives.


  • Vanessa Ocampo
    August 23, 2021

    Hello. My name is Vanessa and I have been a yoga practitioner for 10 years.

    I have barely read and seen and I have been captivated by being able to visit, know and experience Kathmandu, Nepal.

    I would like to know more about what they do.

    Thank you in advance.


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