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#KLMFlySustainable: 9 bloggers, 9 learnings!

#KLMFlySustainable: 9 bloggers, 9 learnings!


Traveling responsibly is easier than you think. KLM showed us on Saturday.

Last Saturday we participated in the #KLMVuelaSostenible conference. in them, 9 travelers and bloggers shared little tricks to travel the world leaving as little footprint as possible. From each of them, we have learned something:

Something to remember in #KLMVuelaSustainable
something to remember in #KLMFlySustainable.



  • Who are they? Ruben and Lucia. Two advertisers who in 2013 decided to leave everything behind to pursue their dream of traveling around the world. They also made a documentary about women's rights in different countries of the world.
  • What have we learned from them? "For a trip to be something to remember, denounce injustices, talk to local people, be aware of the consequences of your actions."


Maruxaina sharing his thoughts on #FastFashion.


Maruxaina and her backpack

  • Who is he? Traveler and storyteller. He likes to travel by train and dreams of a long stay in Africa.
  • What have we learned from her? “Being a responsible traveler is a matter of common sense. If in your day to day you don't do certain things like throwing away garbage, for example, why are you going to do it while you travel?


On the right, Mónica de Cossio is the founder of the NGO Be in Africa
On the right, Mónica de Cossio, founder of the NGO Be in Africa.


3 NGO Be in Africa

  • Who is he? Together with Matilde Cano, Mónica de Cossio is the founder of the NGO Be in Africa in Fort Portal (Uganda). This town is close to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Monica grew up and spent fifteen years of her life.
  • What have we learned from her? "You have to differentiate NGOs from volunteer companies and choose a project that really wants to help."
Aitor Urdaniz changed his life to found Udare
Aitor Urdaniz changed his life to found udare.

4 udare

  • Who is he? Aitor Urdaniz has a degree in Environmental Sciences and an Agricultural Engineer. He was Quality Manager of a German company until one day a giraffe crossed his path. He created Udare in Tanzania, a company that brings together local agencies in Kenya and Tanzania so that you can enjoy your perfect safari.
  • What have we learned from him? We must not only choose local companies, but also make sure that the working conditions are decent. "In Udare the employees work 8 hours, but in other agencies they work up to 10 or 12. No tourist has the right to exploit the environment, animals or people."


Estela Gómez dedicates her blog to sharing her experience as a solo traveler.
estela gomez dedicates his blog solo female travelers.

5 Travel and Ideas

  • Who is he? Estela Gómez is a traveler, founder of #QuieroViajarSola and travel blogger in Viajes e ideas. In 2016 she traveled through South America alone for six months. Since then, she has worked so that all women leave their fears behind and can live this experience.
  • What have we learned from her? To question all our decisions. For example, staying in a big hotel. It can be very comfortable but: have you thought about the amount of water they use to wash the towels? The power of the air conditioning? Just think a little further.


Cristina Vilà Maré belongs to Travindy and EcoTravelDesign
Cristina Vilà Maré belongs to Travindy and EcoTravelDesign.


6 Travindy and EcoTravelDesign

  • Who is he? Behind the two projects is Cristina Vilà Maré, an environmentalist specializing in sustainable tourism.
  • What have we learned from her? That the dissemination of responsible tourism can also be done before traveling, publishing posts with advice so that other travelers can join the sustainable side of tourism.


Manuel José Carpintero Manzanares has made several expeditions
Manuel Jose Carpintero Manzanares He has made expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.


7 Expedition #KLMFlySustainable in Norway

  • Who is he? Manuel José Carpintero Manzanares presides over the Astronomical and Geographical Society of Ciudad Real and dedicates his life to teaching. He captained the first world expedition that reached the Antarctic Circle in a small sailboat measuring 14 meters in length.
  • What have we learned from him? That trips can be a very powerful tool for young people to become aware of climate change and other realities.


Eva and Joseba are I Organize Your Trip
Eva and Joseba are behind the blog I organize your trip.

8 I organize your trip

  • Who are they? Eva Hernández and Joseba Montes are two inveterate travelers who have fulfilled their dream of living traveling.
  • What have we learned from them? That “a solidarity trip, if it is well organized, has nothing to do with another type of trip. What you learn in it, the reality you see, the people you meet are unique”.


#LaBasuraNoDaLikes is a MochilerosTV project
#LaBasuraNoDaLikes is a project of BackpackersTV.

9 backpackers tv

  • Who is he? Alberto Menéndez studied law and international relations. He changed the office for the backpack. After traveling thousands of kilometers he became a travel reporter and travel blogger. Now he is behind the Mochileros TV blog.
  • What have we learned from him? That #LaBasuraNoDaLikes. His image has been recorded in our minds diving and colliding with dozens of plastics in his path.


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