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Jordi in Peru: "Everything is much simpler than you think".

Jordi in Peru: "Everything is much simpler than you think".

Jordi in the Peru project
Jordi in the San Jeronimo project in Peru.

When you go on a solidarity trip you are full of doubts: will I fit in the new environment? Will boys and girls like me? Will I be able to contribute? Jordi also had them before traveling to Peru with Tumaini, although now it is clear: «things are easier than you think. You just have to let go."

Why did you decide to make a trip of this type to Peru?

For a long time youI was very excited to visit Machu Picchu and learn more about the Inca culture. In addition, he also wanted to collaborate in an international solidarity project.

On the Tumaini website I saw that you could collaborate with an NGO in San Jerónimo. It is a town located very close to Cuzco and immersed in the culture of the Inca empire. In addition, in the surroundings you can visit numerous archaeological monuments and different Inca villages. When I saw that I could combine volunteering with tourism in that area, I did not think about it!

What caught your attention about the project?

Knowing that it's relatively new, and now is when volunteers are needed the most! Thanks to your help, the NGO will be able to grow and consolidate.

Boys and girls show you affection from the beginning.

What impacted you the most during the first days of your volunteering?

See how the boys and girls in a matter of minutes had already taken a huge affection for you and spoke to you and treated you as if they had known you for a long time. Before traveling, one thinks about how the relationship with them will be, if they will adapt to you and you to them, if they will like you... And then you realize that it is much easier than you imagine. In fact, you just have to let yourself be carried away by them!

Do you think the project is doing a good job in the Barrio de San Jerónimo?

Yes, excellent! In addition, I know that he is not the only one in the town of San Jerónimo, which reflects the social need that exists in that area.  I would like to highlight the work of the person in charge of the project in which I was. Her name is Jenifer and she seemed like a fighter to me! His priority above all else is the boys and girls. He dedicates himself body and soul to these little ones. It's amazing what you're getting!

One of the children from the San Jerónimo project shows photos with Jordi.


You met other volunteers, how was your relationship with them?

Excellent! We had one very good coexistence and we really enjoyed everything we experienced. In fact, we did some excursions together and we used to share a large part of the day.

Do you think that volunteers are necessary in the NGO?

Without a doubt: they are a fundamental piece. There are many boys and girls who need all the help they can get. 30 boys and girls attended the school. It is evident that a single person cannot be there for all of them and it is at this moment that the figure of the volunteer is necessary.

What would you say to someone who hesitates to go on a solidarity trip of this type?

You won't regret it!

Jordi collaborated in Peru from August 18 to September 7, 2018. 

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