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8 tips to travel responsibly with the environment. Do you meet them all?

8 tips to travel responsibly with the environment. Do you meet them all?

June 2 is World Responsible Tourism Day and from Tumaini we want to celebrate it… raising awareness! Our actions as travelers are powerful, so, let's give it a twist to respect the environment, animals or culture while traveling.

We share 8 tips to take care of the environment on our trips. Do you meet them all?

1 Always use refillable bottles

According to data from greenpeace, 8 million tons of garbage per year reach the seas and oceans. It is the equivalent to the weight of 800 Eiffel Tower! Let's stop this madness. Always carry a refillable bottle to, when possible, avoid buying bottled water. Use reusable stainless steel or glass bottles. They are healthier, ecological and economical.

2 Always carry a portable ashtray

Always take it on your trips. If you don't smoke, it will be very useful to store the garbage you don't want (and shouldn't) throw away! And if you smoke, it will save you the bad taste of not knowing where to put the ashes or cigarette butts. Remember that cigarette filters are not biodegradable, don't let them contaminate the natural environments you visit! You will also avoid possible risks of causing fires.

3 Do not litter even if the site is already dirty

A single plastic bag takes 150 years to begin to degrade. Some may remain intact for four centuries. Even if a place is already dirty, don't pollute it more by throwing more garbage on it. What's more: it's a good idea to always carry a bag with you to collect the waste you find on your way.

4 Use a bar of soap

For many reasons: because that way you don't use so many containers and you generate less waste; because they last much longer than the gel and because, if the soap is good, your body will receive fewer chemicals. In addition, the pill occupies much less in the backpack and you can travel with it by plane. It's all advantages!

5 Discard the plastic laundry bag

Use a fabric one, much more comfortable, silent and sustainable. If you share a room, your roommates will thank you! 🙂

6 batteries

Find out about the recycling system of the country you visit. If, for example, you bring batteries and you don't have the country does not have a system to recycle them, take them back home.
A volunteer on his environmental solidarity trip to Indonesia
A volunteer on his environmental solidarity trip to Indonesia

7 Do not stay on the beachfront

Do not contribute to the overcrowding and degradation that the exploitation of the beach at all costs has caused in many places. Of course, avoid hotels on the beachfront: surely their construction and maintenance damages and pollutes the coast. Choose an accommodation that offers quality guarantees, that respects human rights and that takes care of the environment.

8 Cut yourself with consumption

Resorts, golf courses, swimming pools, large hotels, showers on the beaches... consume an inordinate amount of water. So much, that tourism development is beginning to be linked to the danger of drought. Mallorca, for example, is in a pre-drought situation and it is believed that a large part of it is caused by tourism. Because, according to the municipal government, tourists consume more than twice as much water as residents.
Even if you are on vacation and much more relaxed: cut your consumption! Do not waste water in the shower, do not go overboard with showers on the beach, do not let your children play wasting water, do not use new towels every day, or have the air conditioning on all day.

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