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Josu in Iquitos: I couldn't pick a single memory!

Josu in Iquitos: I couldn't pick a single memory!

Josu with the boys and girls of Iquitos
Josu with the boys and girls of Iquitos

Can you imagine volunteering in a town in the Peruvian jungle? Live with the locals as one more? Adapt to life without electricity, water or WIFI? Josu spent a month in this little school for boys and girls without resources, and the only thing he didn't like was... not being able to stay longer!

What was your day to day like in the Iquitos project?

At 3 in the afternoon we opened the school. The boys and girls had 30 minutes of free play to play instruments, do crafts, ping pong and play with the volunteers. Then we made a circle with a general greeting, the workshops of the day were presented and a couple of games were played in which we all participated.

The afternoon ended with a final circle to comment on the day and with a snack. In this way, the boys and girls with fewer resources returned home with a slightly full belly.

The anecdotes lived in the project are many: impossible to be left with only one
The anecdotes lived in the project there are many: impossible to stay with just one.

How are the activities offered by this little school?

Very varied! Monday is sports day: we played dodgeball, volleyball, soccer, ping pong, etc. Fridays were movie days and the boys and girls chose from the available movies.. The entrance to access was some waste to throw away (plastic bags, bottles...). The rest of the week there were workshops of all kinds from crafts such as mandalas or origami, to talks about alcoholism or sexual education.

Each boy or girl chooses the workshops to attend, about 3 or 4 a day. When they spend 30 minutes in a workshop, they are free to switch to another. Of course, with the responsibility of staying 30 minutes. It was okay if the workshop didn't turn out exactly as you had thought. You can have some objectives in mind, but the boys and girls themselves are the ones that guide you and you have to adapt to them.

The environment of project It is incredible, next to the Amazon.

Can you tell us an anecdote about your solidarity trip?

I prefer the talent and ability of boys and girls, both in drawing, in dance, in sports or in music. Every day was a little different, I couldn't pick a single memory!

What did you like the most and the least?

What's more, dealing with the children of the community. Besides, the project girls are amazing, both with the boys and girls and with the volunteers who live with them, to repeat at 100%! The least: not being able to stay longer!

In the project they are like a little family. 
Josu contributed via Tumaini with the little school of Iquitos, in Peru, from November 4 to December 4, 2018.

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