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2018: the Tumaini family grows!

2018: the Tumaini family grows!

Eva during her solidarity trip to Kenya.

There is very little left until the end of the year, and it is time to reflect! How has 2018 been for you? Tumaini? If we had to sum it up in one sentence it would be: growth. The number of travelers is growing. It also increases the number of projects we collaborate with, since this year we have incorporated 5 new ones in Peru and Kenya. In addition, we have new collaborations with other NGOs, universities and companies, and we have raised more than 5,900 euros for NGOs from India, Kenya and Nepal. The Tumaini family grows, there is more solidarity… and more life-changing trips!

Maria in the elephant center of Thailand
Maria at the elephant center Thailand

5 years of travel and solidarity

We continue to increase the number of people who choose Tumaini to carry out their solidarity trips. In 2016 there were 197. In 2017, 262. And in 2018, more than 280 people They have trusted our association to organize their international volunteering. We have been connecting volunteers with NGOs in countries of the South for five years, and more than 900 people in total They have already lived enriching, unforgettable and supportive experiences through Tumaini. Thank you all for making it possible! 🙂

And how are the people who have traveled with us this year? The vast majority are women (74%), and the mean age is 31 years. In addition, we perceive that there are more and more young people who want to travel in a more sustainable, supportive and alternative way.

The mean assessment of the care received by Tumaini is from a 8.9 out of 10. The note is very similar to that of the solidarity trip in general: most people value the overall experience (the attention from Tumaini, the project, their volunteering, accommodation, etc.) with a 8.92 out of 10. There is no better news than knowing that people return from their trips full of learning and valuable experiences.

Jesus on his solidarity trip to Nusa Penida, Bali
Jesus on his solidarity trip to Nusa Penida, Bali

Peru, the favorite destination for solidarity travelers

And with a big difference. 32% of the people who have traveled in these 5 years with Tumaini have done so Peru. Because? Because it is a fascinating country where you can get to know Machu Picchu, immerse yourself in an ancient culture and savor delicious dishes. And because in it we collaborate with five rigorous and honest projects in settings as impressive as the city of Cusco, the jungle of Iquitos or the sacred Valley.

Kenya it is the second most requested destination (22%). In that country we collaborate with four projects: a shelter for girls in ngong hills; an orphanage in Nairobi and Malindi, a project that provides a home and education to street children in mombassa and a reception center for Pokot boys and girls in Nakuru.

They follow him: India (15%), Indonesia (10%), Bolivia and Nepal (6%).

The educational projects they remain the favourites, followed by animal care and environmental protection.

Isaías during his solidarity trip to Bolivia
Isaías during his solidarity trip to Bolivia

More than 5,900 euros to strengthen projects

In 2018, we have organized several fundraising campaigns for Tumaini partner NGOs that had more urgent needs. Specifically, we have achieved:

Peru is, by far, the most requested country for our solidarity trips
Peru It is, by far, the most requested country for our solidarity trips

new collaborations

2018 has also been the year of collaborations. The most prominent are:

If you stay in the family Tumaini in 2019, We promise you a year full of travel, adventures, projects and solidarity., are we counting on you?

Lucas in the Mexico project.

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