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6 volunteers tell us how the solidarity summer of their lives has been.

6 volunteers tell us how the solidarity summer of their lives has been.

Víctor has traveled to Kenya to collaborate with an orphanage. Reyes has done a family volunteering in the middle of paradise, in Bali. Elena has preferred to go to Thailand and support an NGO that cares for exploited elephants. All of them have lived incredible experiences. But... what has been the best of your summer of solidarity? Here are your answers!

Volunteer in Kenya

1. Victor, volunteer in Kenya

«The best part of my journey has been learning. You learn from the children, from the coordinators, from the volunteers with whom you coincide... You immerse yourself in their world as one of the others and accept their way of living, of thinking». 
collaborated with a orphanage and school in kenya.
Volunteer in Bolivia

2. Silvana, volunteer in Bolivia

«I loved working with animals, they are very grateful! Also meet volunteers from many countries, and the jungle, a dream place.
collaborated on a animal rescue center victims of exploitation.
volunteer in india

3. Eduardo, volunteer in India

«From my trip I am left with having known the reality of Tibet first hand. It's a culture I didn't know anything about and it has impressed me a lot." 
He volunteered at a project which helps Tibetan refugees in exile. 
Volunteer in Indonesia

4. Reyes, volunteer in Indonesia

«The best were the boys and girls and the party that it was for them to have us there. Also the coordinator, he lent himself to all our jokes!».
collaborated on a environmental project in Nusa Penida, Bali.
Volunteer in Peru

5. Ciro, volunteer in Peru

“I loved how loving and cool the boys and girls are. And also the other volunteers we met, we got along great!"
Volunteered at a little school in Cusco.
Elephant rescue center in Thailand

6. Elena, volunteer in Thailand

«It is the first time that I travel alone and in solidarity. Everything has been wonderful. Zero incidents! Also, being close to the elephants is priceless.”
He collaborated in a center that cares for rescued elephants

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