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8 tips to move around Lima

8 tips to move around Lima

Any corner of Lima can surprise you.
Open your eyes! Any corner of Lima can surprise you.

Is it the first time you travel to Peru? Do you land in Lima and don't know how to start moving around the city? After several trips around the country, we give you 8 keys to acclimatize as quickly as possible.

1) Money

The currency of Peru is the new Sun, and the approximate change is 3.60 – 3.80 nuevos soles per euro. We recommend you take a part in cash (euros and/or dollars) for the first days and after withdraw money from the ATM in the city. It is very comfortable and the change is almost the same as cash. Another option is to pay directly by card, which gives the best change, although not all establishments are prepared for it.

The change in the black market is common and is changed on the street, hotel lobby, on buses before going on excursions, etc. But we do not recommend it. If you have to change, go to the exchange houses! 

2) Prices

The prices of some services in Lima in 2018 are approximately:

  • Cab: 6.00 soles
  • Coffee: 6.00 soles
  • Water: 2.00 soles
  • Beer: 8.00 soles
  • Menu: 10 soles
Transportation in Lima is quite efficient.
Transportation in Lima is quite efficient. 

3) Transportation

In a city with 9 million inhabitants And with crazy traffic at rush hour (7am to 9am in the morning and 5:30pm to 8pm in the afternoon), it's imperative that you know how to get around.

  • Metropolitan bus: It connects Lima Norte with Lima Sur, and costs 2.50 nuevos soles per trip. It takes you to many tourist places like the center of Lima, Miraflores, Barranco, etc. You can buy tickets at the station. 
  • Groups: they are informal and do not have official stops. They are a little more expensive than a bus but cheaper than a taxi. You share them with other people who are getting on the road.
  • combis: They go at high speed around the city, they are super chaotic and the collectors are shouting the routes. 
  • Mototaxis: Even if you don't see them in the tourist center of the city, if you go out to the periphery you will see that it is a type of transport widely used for short journeys. 
  • taxi: Lima is one of the cities with the most taxis in Latin America. They are yellow and you can order them by phone. At most, in 15 minutes they will arrive where you have indicated. 

The main square is the epicenter of the city
The main square is the epicenter of the city

4) Sights

Even if you don't stay in the capital for many days, if you have some time, take the opportunity to see some of its attractions:

  • Main Square: it is the heart of the city. Around it are the Government Palace of Peru, the Cathedral of Lima, the Church of the Tabernacle, the Archbishop's Palace, the Municipal Palace and the Club de la Unión.
  • Miraflores: one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Lima, known for its multiculturalism. It is an area of luxurious hotels and apartments perched on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific, green boardwalks, and sophisticated restaurants. One of the most frequent stops is at the Parque del Amor and the Ruins of Huaca Pucllana.
  • Ravine: It is the most bohemian place in the city (and our favourite, of course). It is ideal for stopping to enjoy the scenery, relax or read. It is located next to the sea and in it you will also find a wide range of bars and restaurants. Its best known point is the Bajada de Baños, full of houses with their wooden terraces of picturesque colors.

Barranco is our favorite place in Lima.
Barranco is our favorite place in Lima.

5) Haggling

Yes, in Lima prices are haggled, especially in the traditional and craft markets. Don't be shy about asking for a lower price, but try to get a fair price for both parties.

Ceviche is the star dish of Peruvian cuisine, but there is much more, find out!
Ceviche is the star dish of Peruvian cuisine, but there is much more, find out!

6) Water and food

The tap water is supposedly treated and is drinkable, although we don't recommend it. Drink better bottled watera, like most Lima men and women. To brush your teeth there is no problem 🙂

Both in restaurants and in markets, Lima's cuisine is delicious. Don't leave town without trying it! Surely you already know ceviche, but other delicacies that you will surely find are:

  • Barbecue: It is the quintessential Peruvian street food. The beef heart is seasoned with garlic, cumin, ají panca and a vinegar marinade, then placed on a brazier like a shish kebab. They are succulent, soft and have an intense flavor!
  • Cause stuffed with chicken: It arises from the mixture of yellow potatoes with chili. yummy!
  • pork rind sandwich: It is a fast food option among Lima residents at any time of the day. It has a homemade salsa criolla, a combination of Peru's ubiquitous lime juice, yellow chilies, red onions, white vinegar, and cilantro.
The overcast sky is part of the landscape in Lima.
The overcast sky is part of the landscape in Lima. 

7) Weather

Although it is located in a tropical zone, the sky in Lima is usually overcast and the weather is usually cool, very humid and at the same time desert. Because? Due to the influence of a cold water current from Antarctica (Humboldt current), and due to its proximity to the Andean mountain range.

The temperatures in Lima are lukewarm. The average annual temperature is 19ºC. Don't forget the jacket!

8) Security

If you take precautions, Lima is a safe city, even if you are a woman and traveling alone. The main risks are: pickpockets and tourist scams. As security measures, it is better don't carry a lot of cash and listen to local warnings about certain places.

The parks are another of the attractions of the Peruvian capital.
The parks are another of the attractions of the Peruvian capital.

Don't forget solidarity!

Flights to Lima are cheap, so if you fly here, you can spend a few days collaborating with one of the NGOs we collaborate with at Tumaini:

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