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June 2018

The charity event raises funds for the NGO in Varanasi. What is life like for a young girl in India, when is she supposed to get married, what obstacles does she have to face if she wants to study or go out with her friends? Tumaini, together with several organisations in Madrid, is organising the Bollywood Summer V festival! The aim is to raise awareness about the situation of women in India through the colourful and energetic Bollywood dance. The festival will take place on Saturday 30 June at 7pm in the theatre of the

In May, Naiara left her city, Lleida, to travel to Bolivia with Tumaini. Although she has a degree in early childhood education, she decided to go on a solidarity trip to a centre for the protection of rescued wildlife. And the experience has been worth it. Dealing with animals, feeling their affection, knowing that you are helping them, meeting people, travelling alone, getting to know yourself better".

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