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Attention: we financed three solidarity trips to the Bolivian animal rescue center!

Attention: we financed three solidarity trips to the Bolivian animal rescue center!

Volunteer with an ocelot at the rescued animal centre in Bolivia.
Volunteer with an animal in the centre for rescued animals Bolivia.

Are you an animal lover, do you want to help protect them, would you like to know how a wildlife rescue centre works in the middle of the jungle? This solidarity trip is for you! If you want to make your dream come true, take part in the campaign we have just launched, it's very easy!


The campaign is the result of the collaboration of Tumaini with HelpUP and Europamundo Foundation and aims to help three people to travel to Bolivia to collaborate in the Wildlife Rescue Centre with which we collaborate. We want, on the one hand, to help this Bolivian NGO with the collaboration of three volunteers in the care of animals, and, on the other hand, to raise awareness in Spanish society about the trafficking and exploitation of wild animals that exists in Bolivia.

Three entities are involved in this collaboration:

  • Europamundo Foundation1,000 euros per person to finance the flight ticket to Bolivia or other expenses of its volunteers.
  • HelpUPwhich will host the project on its website with the challenge of raising 20,000 UPS. 
  • Tumainiwhich provides information and contact with the Wildlife Rescue Centre Bolivia and the search for volunteers.


    The challenge: to achieve 20,000 UPS

    The campaign is in the form of a challenge and is published at HelpUPHelpUP is the first social platform that connects people, organisations and companies. HelpUP manages to finance social initiatives in a fun way, through "challenges" and a system of free solidarity coins called UPS. How?

    • The NGO, in this case Tumaini, publishes a project which is in need of funding.
    • HelpUP contacts companies who want to finance the project and sets the challenge: if 20,000 UPS (Solidarity Coins) are collected, the company will make its donation. 
    • Anyone can vote for the project via UPS.. If the 20,000 UPS are raised, the company will make the donation.
    Tigre in one of the NGO's centres in Bolivia.
    Jaguar in one of its centres the NGO in Bolivia.

    Who can participate?

    • Any person of legal age and motivated to volunteer with rescued animals. It is not necessary to have a background in veterinary medicine or biology, just a desire to help and a love for animals.
    • The only requirement is a minimum level of fitnessThe volunteering includes tasks such as: going up to the jungle, walks with the animals, cleaning the cages, preparing meals for the animals...

    How to take part?

    It's easy! Just follow these steps:

    1. Register with HelpUp (it's free and only takes a minute). When you register, you automatically get 25 UPS.
    2. Join the project "Protecting rescued animals in Bolivia«.
    3. Donate as many UPS as you can to the project!
    • Donate the 25 UPS you get as soon as you register.
    • Encourage people to sign up to HelpUP on your social media channels.. For each friend who signs up, you will get 10 new UPS.
    • Log in every day to HelpUP. You will get 5 UPS per day.
    • Tell all your friends, relatives, work colleagues, etc. The challenge is to get 20,000!
    Monica with a badger in the Bolivia project.
    Monica with a badger in the project Bolivia.


    The challenge will be open from 03/04/18 to 03/07/18 or until the 20,000 UPS is reached.

    Selection of the winners

    When the project reaches 20,000 UPS, the next steps are as follows:

    • The 10 people who donate the most UPS in HelpUP will be pre-selected.
    • The 10 shortlisted persons will send a letter of motivation to Tumaini.
    • A jury composed of Viajes Tumaini, HelpUP, Europamundo and the NGO Bolivia will select the three persons receiving the funding.

    What criteria will be taken into account?

    • The profile of the volunteertheir training and experience.
    • Your experiences previous volunteering activities.
    • The duration of the solidarity trip of your choice. 
    • And above all, their motivation and enthusiasm for collaborating in the project.
    Cris in the project with a primate
    Cris in the project next to a primate.


    Prize: 1,000 euros for your solidarity trip.

    Each of the three winners will receive 1,000 euros to finance the flight to Bolivia.which will be arranged through a travel agency with which Tumaini collaborates.
    • If the flight costs more than 1,000 euros, the volunteer must pay the remaining amount.
    • If the flight costs less than 1,000 euros, the difference will be used to pay for the volunteer's other expenses: accommodation, food, etc.
    The price of the flight may vary greatly depending on the date, and usually costs between 700 and 1200 euros
    Beyond the funding of 1,000 euros, the person travelling will have to pay the rest of the costs of his or her solidarity trip:
    • As mentioned above, the rest of the airfare if it is more expensive than 1.000 euros. Example: if the ticket costs 1,200 euros, 1,000 would be paid with the amount earned in the campaign and 200 would be provided by the volunteer.
    • The cost of the solidarity trip you see in our website (which includes accommodation, some meals, a volunteer coordinator, etc.), depending on the centre where you are going to collaborate and the duration of the solidarity trip:
    • 505 - 570 euros for two weeks.
    • 590 - 675 euros for three weeks.
    • 680 - 750 euros for four weeks.
    Thus, if the cost of the flight is less than 1,000 euros, the rest of the amount earned will be used to pay for the costs of the solidarity trip.. Example: If the flight costs 800 euros, it will be paid for with the 1,000 euros of the prize and the remaining 200 euros will be used to pay for the costs of the solidarity trip (accommodation, food, etc.). If the volunteer were to travel for two weeks, 200 euros would be subtracted from the 505-570 euros, so he/she would pay the difference (305-370).
    Volunteer with two project monkeys.
    Volunteer with two spider monkeys from the project.


    When can I travel?

    You will be able to travel at any date in 2018. The minimum period of collaboration is two weeks, after that, you choose the duration of your solidarity trip: 2 weeks, 3 weeks, a month, a month and a half... whatever you want!


    About the NGO

    It has been dedicated to the protection of rescued wildlife in Bolivia for more than 20 years. Its aim is to combating illegal animal traffickingto rescue them from mistreatment and exploitation and help them to live as naturally, freely and with dignity as possible. To this end, offers the best possible life to animals and carries out education programmes together with public bodies to prevent the illegal trafficking of rescued species, such as monkeys, badgers or parrots.


    How do I donate my UPS?

    1. Log in to HelpUP with your username and password. At the top right of the website, you will see the UPS available for you to vote:

    Screenshot of the HelpUP website

    2. and click on "Support UP".
    Screenshot of the HelpUP website
    You will be taken to this screen to choose the UPS you want to donate, the more you donate the more chances you have to win! The 10 people with the most UPS will be shortlisted. 

    4 To get more UPS, you have to invite friends to register on HelpUP or share a link on social media. This is done via the "UP" button at the top right of the page:

    Screenshot of the HelpUP website
    It will take you to this page where you will find the link to invite friends and to share on social networks. As soon as your friends sign up or you post on social networks, you will get your extra UPS.

    Chronicle of solidarity trips

    Through social networks we will narrate the solidarity journeys of the three winners, so they must commit to sending audiovisual material from the project.

    Do you have doubts?

    If you have any questions, please write to and we will be happy to help you 😊

    Start donating UPS now and... get your backpack ready!

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