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April 2018

Cristina during her solidarity trip to PeruWhen we visited Peru for the first time, we had an obsession: visiting Machu Picchu. And the experience was incredible, but... Now that we have traveled the country of the Incas several times, we can say it: there are other places that are MUCH worth it and that, in addition, are not so exploited, so you can visit them with peace of mind and no crowds. We share our 8 favorites!1 Guided tour of CuscoThere are many companies that organize guided tours of the historic center of Cusco. We did a Free Tour

Patricia during her English classes in Nusa Penida, Indonesia.Patricia Perelló started 2018 in a way she will never forget: with a solidarity trip to Bali. In January, she collaborated with an NGO that aims to protect the environment. Monitoziró, a white-feathered, blue-eyed bird in danger of extinction. One day, he sat waiting for the rain to stop on the project's terrace and by the time he realised, five hours had passed! "I learned to live in the moment," he explains.Why did you choose Nusa Penida for

A rescued animal in central Bolivia.Did you know that thousands of animals in Bolivia are taken from the jungle as victims of illegal trafficking? What are they used for? How does it affect them? How can we help? We sum it up in this post! Juancho is a jaguar from Bolivia. He was bought by the Santa Cruz Zoo when he was a baby. When he grew up, they realised that he had hip problems so he was not suitable for public display. He was kept in a very small cage. One day, when they were doing

Volunteer with an animal at the center for rescued animals in Bolivia. Are you an animal lover? Do you want to help protect them? Would you like to know how a rescued fauna center works in the middle of the jungle? This solidarity trip is for you! If you want to make your dream come true, participate in the campaign that we have just launched. It's very easy!ObjectivesThe campaign is the result of Tumaini's collaboration with HelpUP and Europamundo Fundación and its objective is to help three people to travel to Bolivia to collaborate in the Center for

Ana Elisa "left her mark" on the Bolivia projectAna Elisa is a psychologist and knew that her profile was very valuable in NGOs working with people with different abilities. Especially in Bolivia, where disability is still a taboo around which there are many prejudices. For a month in September 2017, she volunteered with young people with cerebral palsy, language difficulties, etc. What surprised her most? "The enthusiasm, strength and happiness of these people".in Bolivia you collaborated with two different projects that

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