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Octavio in Bolivia: "every time I remember it, I feel at peace with the world"

Octavio in Bolivia: "every time I remember it, I feel at peace with the world"

Octavio with the capuchin monkeys in Bolivia.
Octavio with the capuchin monkeys in Bolivia.

For three weeks in August, Octavio he changed Seville for the Bolivian jungle; computing for the care of primates, felines and other animals. And the experience has left her with such beautiful moments that every time she remembers them, she is invaded by the feeling of “being at peace with the world”. The best of your experience? The relationship with the capuchin monkeys: "in a short time you realize that some of them have taken a liking to you and are happy when you are around," he explains.

How was your day to day at the animal rescue center?

At 7 in the morning we would meet in the "kitchen" to prepare breakfast for the monkeys. There were 55 capuchins and 3 spiders. We gave it to them and cleaned the cages. We also took the 33 capuchins that were on rope systems called “runners” out of their cages at night. That moment was special, because you carry the monkeys on your shoulder to their place.

What did you like most about your experience?

The relationship you establish with some animals. In my case, with capuchin monkeys). You get to know them, a bond of trust is created, and before long you realize that they have gotten used to your presence! Even that some have taken a liking to you and are happy when you are around.

One of the monkeys that guards the NGO. The goal is your rehabilitation.

What would you improve?

The facilities for the volunteers: the mattresses and the bathrooms were basic and neglected. After the hard days of work, a bit of “comfort” was missing! Perhaps a good idea is to involve volunteers in cleaning and caring for the facilities.

On the other hand, sometimes you feel that not everything possible is being done to reintegrate animals into the wild. Although you also understand that the necessary resources are not available to carry out specialized care, or that most animals are not in a condition to be released.

How did the people who coordinate the project treat you?

The treatment is very good. From the first moment they try to make you feel part of the family!

Octavio very close to the project, surrounded by nature.
Octavio very close to project, surrounded by nature.

Would you repeat solidarity trip?

If the NGO was closer and it was cheaper to travel there, I would repeat for sure. Of course, this has been my first experience as a volunteer, but not the last.

Do you remember any anecdote with special affection?

The time to take Pasqui, a capuchin monkey, from his cage to the runner or vice versa. He would climb on my shoulders calmly, put each of his hind legs to the side of my head, his tail around my neck, his head to one side looking straight ahead, and with his little hands he clung to my beard. Every time I remember those moments, I am invaded by the feeling of being at peace with the world.

The project he also cares for some birds victims of trafficking.

Octavio traveled to Bolivian wildlife rescue center from 08/21/2017 to 09/10/2017.

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