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“It has been much more real than a tourist trip through Nepal”

“It has been much more real than a tourist trip through Nepal”

Look with another volunteer and several young women from the Kathmandu NGO

This has not been just any November for Miren. For 20 days, he lived in a small NGO from Kathmandu together with boys and girls who had to leave their remote villages to continue studying. Right away the little ones treated her like one more. He's back amazed at their generosity and everything they have to teach us. “I have wonderful memories of all of them,” he explains.

What does a volunteer do in the Kathmandu NGO with which you collaborated?

We woke up at 7.30 to have breakfast with the boys and girls before they went to school. A couple of hours later we brought them food and returned to eat around 12 noon. Afterwards, we had free time to tour the capital. At 4:00 p.m. they came back, we played with them for an hour, we drank tea and they began to study. Here we helped them with their homework. In addition, we gave language classes or played a game inside the house. And after the prayer, around 7:30 p.m. we all had dinner together and then went back to doing homework. Finally, around 9 pm we all went to sleep: it was time to get up early the next day!

Coexistence is part of the experience of the travelers. 

In what subjects did you help the little ones the most?

During homework time, we used to help them with math. We reviewed the exercises they brought or the multiplication tables. We also gave them equations as extra practice.

What games or workshops did you like the most?

Play soccer and badminton in the patio in front of the entrance, but we also teach them games like the handkerchief or the English shoe. During the last week I was in, we started rehearsing a little theater about snow white, which turned out to be fun for the youngsters.

Miren took advantage of the days off to visit the city.

How was your relationship with the boys and girls?

Very nice. They are very close and, although somewhat reserved, they immediately welcomed me as one of the house. They included me in all the activities! On Saturdays they presented on topics that they prepared during the week. Once, they asked us to talk about our journey from when we started studying until now. There I realized how curious they are since they did not stop asking us questions of all kinds!

You met other Tumaini volunteers, how was your relationship with them?

We were three and, as with everyone in the house, the treatment has been excellent. We took advantage of free time to visit the city and go on excursions. From this trip I have not only taken very good experiences, but I'm back with good friends!

Did you visit other places in Nepal?

Yes, in our spare time we went to visit both Patan and Bhaktapur, really recommendable places.
Volunteers and girls from the project

Would you recommend this trip to other people? Because?

Definitely yes. It is a trip that I recommend to anyone who wishes turn a small trip into a great experience. I have known a world that was unknown to me and I have shared experiences and values that I will not forget and that I am putting into practice now that I have returned home.

What advice would you give to a person who is going to collaborate?

Go with a lot of desire to learn. but what about everything enjoy everything that those boys and girls have to teach you so tender and smiling, since I keep wonderful memories of all of them.

Miren collaborated with the Nepal education project in November 2017.


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