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January 2018

Look with another volunteer and several young people from the Kathmandu NGOThis has not been just any November for Look. For 20 days, he lived in a small Kathmandu NGO with boys and girls who had to leave their remote villages to continue studying. Right away the little ones treated her like one more. She has returned amazed at their generosity and everything they have to teach us. “I have wonderful memories of all of them,” he explains. What does a volunteer do at the Kathmandu NGO you collaborated with? We would wake up

At the elephant rescue centre in Thailand, elephants are helped to live with dignity... I'll tell you a secret about animals - only if you tell the whole world! Travelling without harming them is possible. After organising hundreds of solidarity trips, from Tumaini we share with you some keys to travel the world without affecting our fellow planet companionsIs there a magic recipe to travel in a 100% responsible way with animals? No, but Responsible Tourism gives us some tips to cause them the least negative impact. The secret includes:

Octavio with the capuchin monkeys in Bolivia. For three weeks in August, Octavio traded Seville for the Bolivian jungle; computing for the care of primates, felines and other animals. And the experience has left her with such beautiful moments that every time she remembers them, she is invaded by the feeling of “being at peace with the world”. The best of your experience? The relationship with the capuchin monkeys: "In a short time you realize that some of them have taken a liking to you and are happy when you are around," he explains. What was it like?

The Kenyan NGO will make improvements thanks to the collection obtained in 2017. It is time to take stock of the year and in Tumaini we cannot avoid letting a smile escape us. And it is that 2017 for us has been a year of changes, and most of them, positive. The number of travelers and travelers rises. Recently launched solidarity trips in Nepal, Mexico and Kenya have received dozens of volunteers. And also, more than 8,000 euros have been raised to improve some projects thanks, in part, to our collaboration. Definitely:

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