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Four weeks with the wawachas

Four weeks with the wawachas

Itziar with one of the girls from the project.

Itziar has just returned from her first volunteering outside of Spain and her experience can be summed up in one word: “learn”. He has collaborated for a month with the youngest boys and girls (the “wawachas”) of the little solidarity school in Cusco, Peru. And he liked it so much that he is already thinking about his next solidarity trip.

Why did you choose Peru?

When it came to choosing a destination, I was not clear at all. I hesitated between Kenya, India, Mexico, etc. But Almu of Tumaini advised me to go to Peru, Since it was the most suitable project for a first trip to a southern country. I decided to listen to him.

Has the experience been as you expected?

It has been better! All that I have learned and lived it has exceeded all my expectations. It has been great.

How was your day to day in the project?

My day started very early, around 6:30 in the morning, since I worked both in the morning and in the afternoon shifts. Around 8:15 a.m., after breakfast, the volunteers went together to the school, where Lado, the coordinator, was waiting for us. Around 8:30 the boys and girls began to arrive, always smiling and someone came having breakfast 🙂

Between games, tasks, music and the "circle of love" (a space where children and volunteers express their feelings on social issues that affect them in their day to day), the morning went by so fast. We finished around 12 noon.

In the afternoon, volunteer hours are from 3 to 7 p.m. but those of us who had already gone in the morning could enter after 5:00 p.m. (so we could rest and eat quietly). In this shift, many more children and more volunteers came. I was extremely lucky to spend the four weeks with him. group of the wawachas, the smallest of the school (about 5 – 6 years). Although they do not stop still for a second!

Itziar helping to paint the little school in Cusco.

What activities have you done with the boys and girls?

Play, paint, dance, play pinki (football), soccer, paint faces...

Is there a story of a boy or girl that has stayed in your memory?

Almost all of them experience quite difficult and complicated family situations. But I remember a story, that of an 8-year-old girl. Their father abandoned them years ago and their mother was an alcoholic. She had no siblings but she managed to get by. Once, he revealed his dream to me: «Teacher, my dream is that my mother stops drinking and is with me».

But, despite all that the boys and girls lived in their homes, always had something good to say to others, always. Friday was the day of farewells for the volunteers who returned to their countries. The little ones cried a lot and said very nice things to the teachers who were no longer going to be there. I loved.

Games and music were some of the activities.

How has your relationship been with the rest of the volunteers?

It's been amazing. They were very sociable people who immediately came over to say hello and chat. I learned a lot from each and everyone. Whenever we could, we would all go hiking together!

What did you like the most about the experience?

Sharing my time and desire with the boys and girls and with the rest of the volunteers. In addition, this volunteering has allowed me to learn about Peru, its culture and people. I'll stay with that, with LEARNING from everything that surrounded me, of the people who were with me, of the food, of the excursions…

Itziar with some of his fellow volunteers.

How do you rate Tumaini's attention?

They have been very aware of my entire stay and they were also very attentive in the months before the trip, during the preparations.

How about your coordinator at the center? Has it helped you and resolved doubts?

I have had the opportunity to be with the two coordinators. They do a difficult and complicated job, but they do it very well and help as much as they can.

Would you do a solidarity trip again?

Without hesitation, I'm already thinking about the next one!

Itziar and her partner Garazi recorded this video from Cusco, where they explain what their experience was like.

Itziar traveled to Cusco during June 2017.

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