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Tumaini is already part of the Social Market, will you join us?

Tumaini is already part of the Social Market, will you join us?

Almu and Mónica spreading the solidarity trips of Tumaini.
Since Tumaini was born, it was clear to us: we wanted to promote a different way of traveling, give priority to sustainable consumption, promote the local and solidarity economy. And now on this road, we are no longer alone! we join the Social Market of Madrid, a cooperative of entities that believe that another economy is possible. And you? Will you join us on this new path?

What is the Social Market?

It is a network of companies, organizations and consumers that put ethics, ecology and solidarity ahead of economic benefit. On the one hand, the entities that offer products and services create a network, support each other and improve their visibility. On the other hand, citizens find in the Social Market a place where they can buy sustainably. Together, we create an alternative circuit to conventional commerce.
More than 150 entities Media such as El Salmón Contracorriente, bookstores such as Traficantes de Sueños, organizations such as Ecologistas en Acción, spaces such as Teatro del Barrio, etc. are already part of the Madrid Social Market. On your next purchase, we encourage you to use the seeker of the Mercado Social website to find a quality alternative with social commitment.
Tickets for the charity event in favor of Holes in the Borders.

We are all refugees

On July 7, the entities that make up the Social Market organized a solidarity event in favor of refugees. “Yesterday, today or tomorrow, all of us are refugees” will take place from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. in the Veal Warehouse of the Matadero in Madrid. It is a fun meeting where you can enjoy live theatre, music and dance, get to know each other closely and make your small contribution to Holes in the Borders, an NGO that offers legal advice, a shelter, solidarity tickets and health care to refugees in Greece. Admission costs 4 euros and includes a drink.

We are waiting for you!

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