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Gerard in Peru: "It is worth embarking on an adventure"

Gerard in Peru: "It is worth embarking on an adventure"

When Gerard decided to travel to Peru to collaborate with the education of children with few resources, he did not imagine that it would take so little to return. His idea was to make a solidarity trip for a month. He lived 30 days full of adventures, artistic activities and, above all, a lot of dialogue between children, family members and volunteers. When he was going to return, they offered him to stay on the project as coordinator. And so he did. Now, just landed in Cusco, he tells us how he lived the experience. we wish you good luck in this new stage.

Why did you choose Peru as a destination?

It was clear that he wanted to travel to South America for ease of language, but I ruled out the countries that I considered the most dangerous. Afterwards, I looked for projects in the rest of the places until I found one that I liked, in this case, the educational project in Cusco, Peru.

The afternoons always began with games at the project in Cusco, Peru.

How was your day to day in the project?

My afternoon began with the Games Workshop. After two hours playing, we would go down to recess and then take part in what the project calls “The Circle”. It's about a dialogue space where boys and girls, family members and volunteers talk about topics such as: the relationship of children with their parents, with their friends, with the environment, etc. Afterwards, each family (made up of children of similar ages and volunteers) worked individually on the topic. Every Friday, the children and the families exposed the theme worked with drawings, a performance, a song, a dance, etc.

What do you think of the work that is done with the boys and girls of the project?

I find it very necessary and very beautiful. It is important to try to ensure that these boys and girls grow up in an environment different from the one they are used to. In addition, an attempt is made to promote aspects that cannot be developed in their homes and schools, such as art, music or creativity. I also really like that so much importance is given to caring for the environment to expressing our feelings.

The Cusco project encourages the creativity and artistic abilities of boys and girls.

Is it different from what you have seen when you have worked with children here?

Yes, I have seen differences in the methodology or in the ways of interacting with the little ones. But what surprised me the most was the facility of the boys and girls of Express your feelings without fear.

Now you return to the project as coordinator. How did you make this decision?

I appreciated my situation and what tied me to my city. In the end, I decided because I know that the experience it will make me grow both professionally and personally.

Gerard, just landed in Peru, ready to start his new stage as coordinator.

What have you learned from Peru that you did not know before?

I have learned up close how Peruvian families live and what economic and social problems crosses the country. I have also learned a lot about Peruvian culture: dances, songs, experiences, etc.

What would you say to a person who hesitates to take a solidarity trip?

It is a unique experience that is well worth it. Doubt will always be there, because it is related to the fear of the unknown, but it is worth embarking on the adventure and experience the trip to the fullest. I also believe that taking a solidarity trip allows you to get to know the country from within, living with its people in a much closer way. For me it has been an unforgettable experience that I would not hesitate to repeat.

Gerard lived with various volunteers and they also had time to go sightseeing.

Gerard will be the volunteer coordinator at the Cusco centeror until the end of 2017

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