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April 2017

Rafa and Jhoany and Alba and Griselda were clear that they did not want a conventional honeymoon. They wanted to travel to a country in Africa and not get to know it “with tourist glasses”, but through volunteering. They are the first two couples to have celebrated their honeymoon at the Kenyan orphanage with which Tumaini collaborates. Both agree: the experience has brought them even closer. Even after months, they still get emotional when remembering her. The decision was not difficult to make. "We didn't want a

If you still don't have a plan for this summer and you want to live a different experience this year, would you like to get to know a country like Kenya, India or Peru up close and collaborate with a local NGO? We propose 5 plans in 3 different continents for you to live an adventure of 10 this summer! A trip... what? A solidarity trip is a unique experience where a person not only gets to know the tourist attractions of a country, but also projects that work to improve their immediate reality. Travellers dedicate a few hours to the

Joan Martínez is 22 years old, is from Badalona and is a radiotherapy technician. She had always dreamed of traveling in solidarity, but had not done so for fear of not being able to communicate in English. A month ago, she put her fears aside and traveled to Thailand to help out with a protected elephant sanctuary. "The feeling of tranquility that this place transmits is indescribable," he tells us. Why did you choose to take a solidarity trip to Thailand? My desire to do some volunteer work began at the beginning of 2016, with the crisis of

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