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Nepal: the way to the institute, a little closer

Nepal: the way to the institute, a little closer

The boys and girls of the village of Komang, in Nepal, had a very difficult time going to school. The nearest school was a four-day walk from their homes. Until 2009, when the NGO CIDEN built a closer school. Now, these boys and girls need to go to institute, but they do not have the resources to buy educational materials. The Spanish Monika and Pedro are willing to get it. For this reason, they have created a crowdfunding campaign to deliver them taking advantage of his trip to Nepal. Do you help them?

"Hello. We are Monika and Pedro. We have always liked to travel, but this time we will do it differently!”. With this phrase, this couple from Palma presents us with their dream: that the boys and girls who study at the remote “Himalayan Dhalarong Primary School” can continue studying. Both met the NGO CIDEN through Tumaini and they want to give the project 600 euros so that these young people have the necessary resources to make the most of their secondary education. Help them make it happen by making your small contribution to their crowdfunding campaign!

The most remote school in Nepal

Until 2008, the children of the village of Komang, located very close to the border with Tibet and in the heart of the Himalayas, could not go to school. The nearest school was a four day walk away! It is one of the most remote and isolated towns in the world, since it is located at 4,500 m. altitude. In 2009, the NGO CIDEN ended this isolation when it opened the Himalayan Dhalarong Primary School. It is the most remote and isolated in Nepal and provides free education to 120 boys and girls from infants to 12 years of age.

But, once they finish their primary studies, young people they could not continue their studies. The nearest institute was in Kathmandu and it takes almost 15 days walking to reach the capital. For this reason, the NGO's next step was to finance the displacement of the young people, enroll them in the formal secondary education system, and give them room and board, all free of charge, in a Student Residence.

The backpack loaded with solidarity

Monika and Pedro are in love with this project and want to arrive at the Student Residence with a backpack full of solidarity and resources for these young people. For this reason, they have launched a micro-donation campaign in which Everyone can make a contribution, no matter how small.. Their challenge is to get 600 euros to buy materials that the students need (of course, it was the NGO that told them what the needs of the young people are):

  • Raincoats to face the monsoon
  • Clothing
  • Sports equipment: balls, jump ropes, rackets, etc.
  • Educational games

Can you help them make it possible?

What can I do?

  • Help Monika and Pedro to gather the necessary collection to buy the materials that the students need. Through this website you can make your donation, however small it may be. Any contribution will be very welcome 🙂
  • You can too travel through Tumaini to the project in Nepal to help these young people to improve with their studies,find out!
  • Spread the cause! Share the campaign on your social networks and thus we will go further

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