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New solidarity trips in Mexico!

New solidarity trips in Mexico!

We start the year in the best possible way We launch new solidarity trips in Mexico! We suggest you travel to Chiapas to help improve the education of minors and adults. What sounds good?

New projects are in San Cristóbal de las Casas, a city where indigenous people of Mayan origin (especially Tzotzil) and mestizos live together. This city was one of the epicenters of the Zapatista revolution in 1994. Its cobbled streets, its ocher-colored houses, its markets, and its lively cultural and social atmosphere make it one of the most special cities to get to know the essence of Mexico.

But in San Cristóbal there is also a great social inequality. Thousands of indigenous people have been forced to move to this city due to political unrest or a lack of opportunities in rural areas. This has created pockets of poverty and labor and educational exclusion.

To help improve this situation, Tumaini begins to collaborate with three projects: a public school, a community center that supports indigenous people and a training center for people with disabilities.

1. Transforming your school

The first project that we propose takes place in a public school in the city. In it, volunteers carry out activities with boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12. The objective is to teach in a creative and fun way, through reading workshops, crafts, dance, music, etc.

In addition, workshops are given to parents to help them in the educational support of their children.

The minimum collaboration is two weeks.

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2. Literacy for people of the Tsotsil ethnic group

This center works to promote the integration of women and minors of the Tsotsil ethnic group, of Mayan origin. Your mother tongue is not SpanishSo they can't communicate easily. This has generated large pockets of poverty and exclusion. 
In the project they are given classes of literacy, educational support and workshops (environmental, health, human rights, etc.). All this, of course, respecting and promoting their cultural identity.
The project also has a work area in fair trade and responsible consumption. Once a month, a community market is held in the center where artisanal and local products are sold.
The minimum collaboration is one month.

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3. Education for people with disabilities

The third project in which you can collaborate in Mexico works with people with disabilities. His goal is to make them independent. For this, they are made educational activities, job placement workshops and work with their families to improve their relationships. In addition, values such as teamwork, gender equality and respect are disseminated in all activities.

Volunteers can collaborate in different areas: craft workshops, reading and writing, music, environmental education, farm and orchard maintenance, etc.

The minimum collaboration is one month.

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How can you participate?

Have any of the projects caught your attention? write to us and we will give you all the information on how you can collaborate in them. It is not necessary to have a specific profile, but to have motivation, commitment and desire to work as a team. 
This is a great opportunity to get to know other cultures, travel to a country full of natural and cultural attractions, and contribute to improving the situation of these people.

Don't let her get away! 

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