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Ana in Kenya: "a solidarity trip is never forgotten"

Ana in Kenya: "a solidarity trip is never forgotten"

Ana has been traveling to Kenya for two summers to collaborate in the orphanage and school we work with on the outskirts of Nairobi. And he is already thinking about how to save to return. Share with us your experience:

“I love the Kenya project because, during your trip, you spend the whole day inside the orphanage. You live with the boys and girls whenever possible.

We volunteers got up early, at 7 in the morning, to have breakfast at the house of Julius and Tabitha, founders of the project. The rest of the day flies by: we do activities with the children or prepare materials for the classes (for example, educational posters).

In the afternoons, when classes finish, we help the boys and girls to do their homework. They stay up all night making them, so they always appreciate our help. On weekends we play with them or take them for walks, as long as they have finished their homework.

By being with them all day, we strengthen ties and see closely what their day to day is like. We are getting to know them little by little and at the same time they are getting to know you more.

This year was the second time I went to the orphanage and what I liked the most was being with them again, seeing how they have grown. The older ones have matured a lot. I have loved seeing how they take care of the little ones, they have almost adopted the role of father / mother! The little ones show them a lot of respect.

Being with the children, playing with them, seeing them smile, the hugs they give you and the affection they transmit is the best part of the trip. In the end they give you more than you give them.

laundry adventures

This year several children became ill. Despite having taken basic medication, there were diseases that required specific antibiotic treatment that we did not have. I remember the first time I accompanied Julius to the doctor with a little girl. I was very impressed with how the health center was: very rudimentary and with little health. I was also impressed by the care method they have: once the doctor sees you, you have to go buy the injectable medication at the nearest pharmacy and take it to him to be administered. Oral medication was given to you only for the days it was needed.

I was very amused when, when it was time to do the laundry with the boys and girls, They told us that we washed it badly and they laughed. They taught us and when we did well, they applauded us. For them it was an achievement to have taught us!

My second summer at the orphanage!

I repeated the trip because the previous year I was delighted with the project and with the children. Really I wouldn't change the trip to Kenya for anything :). I feel that children are already part of my life and I would encourage everyone to go meet them. I'm sure they would be delighted just like me. I'm already thinking about how to save to go again!

A solidarity trip is never forgotten

Solidarity trips are very enriching. You go with a lot of ideas and things to do but in the end they give you more. These are trips that I recommend 100% because they help you get out of your bubble of comfort and see other realities. It is not the same to see them on TV, because they impact you at the moment but then you forget. A trip really impacts, but then, you never forget it. That's the big difference between traveling and not traveling: experiencing for yourself everything you usually see in the media.

Finally, I like the closeness of the girls who run Tumaini. It is noted that the resources that are collected go directly to their destination. I have been able to see with my own eyes how the center's facilities have been improved. It is true that there are still many things to do, but in one year I have seen a huge difference.»
Ana, Solidarity trip to a school and orphanage in Nairobi (Kenya), July 2016

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