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Come to the 2nd Caña Solidaria Tumaini

Come to the 2nd Caña Solidaria Tumaini

Making Christmas plans? At Tumaini we encourage you to start the festivities with a different activity: our second Solidarity Cane! will take place on Saturday, December 17 from 8:00 p.m. in the Bar Lata de Cascorro. Christmas would not be the same if we did not start it with this very special moment in which we get together for a good cause, meet people with the same interests and meet up with friends.

The entire collection of the Caña Solidaria will go to the organic farm we collaborate with in Nepal. Govinda and his family founded this small school farm a few years ago and train young farmers and school groups there. Its goal is to spread the responsible cultivation, organic agriculture and the sustainable use of the resources of the area. However, now the rental contract for the land where the project is located is ending and Govinda needs to acquire a new space to continue his educational work.

Several travelers from Tumaini have already visited this farm and their experiences are very positive. For three years we have been collaborating with the project so that all people interested in organic farming can volunteer in an incredible environment, near Pokhara and with impressive views of the snowy peaks of Annapurna.

Tumaini he wants to help Govinda buy land to build a new school farm. Two years ago, the farm was already damaged by the earthquake that hit Nepal, so now it is necessary to build a stronger building. In this way more people will be able to collaborate in the project and help its development.

When and where?

The Solidarity Cane will be in the Bar La Lata, in Calle Embajadores nº1 (next to Plaza de Cascorro) and will start around 8:00 p.m.

At the bar we will distribute tickets so that you can order at the bar later. A percentage of the drinks will go to Tumaini, so by drinking something, you will be collaborating with Govinda's organic farm. You can order drinks or food. But attention! Just by asking for the ticket you will be collaborating with the project so... don't forget it! 😉

There will be surprises!

As an advance, if you come that day you can participate in a very special raffle you sure love it 🙂

Come with your friends and have a fun night with Tumaini. So that you can be aware of all the news sign up for our Facebook event and share it with all your friends.

The more we are, the better we will have and the more we will help the project!

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