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a year of 10

a year of 10

This year, 200 volunteers They have made a trip that has changed their lives. We have visited Mexico and we have discovered new solidarity projects. In Kenya, we have improved the rooms of the orphanage with which we collaborate. For Tumaini 2016 has been a great year! Our travelers value their experience with an average 7.7. For us, the year also deserves a notable... or an outstanding!

The Tumaini community grows

More and more people trust Tumaini to carry out their solidarity trips. In 2016, almost 200 people (double the number in 2015!) got up close to another reality. In addition, they have contributed to small local projects moving forward. 

We have been putting volunteers in contact with projects in Southern Countries for three years and we are glad to see that every year more people interested in traveling in solidarity write to us. It is about approaching a country in a sustainable way, meeting inspiring people who fight to improve their environment and collaborating with their projects. 
Our travelers rate their experience with an average of... 7.7! We love to hear your opinions. Mariona, who traveled to India, explains: “What I liked the most was the cultural exchange. Know first-hand the Buddhist philosophy and feel how they preach it but above all how they live it and transmit it”. Irene was a volunteer at Bali: "I have felt that what you are doing is fruitful, that you are really helping and that they thank you with a smile."

Mariona in a workshop in India

Irene in the center of Bali

The children of Kenya are no longer cold

In addition to solidarity trips, it is important for Tumaini to support the projects with which we collaborate and, for this, throughout the year, we have launched initiatives to cover some of their needs. 

In Kenya, we improved the facilities of the orphanage with which we collaborate thanks to all the people who joined our crowdfunding campaign. The boys and girls' rooms were fixed up, mattresses were bought, lockers were made for their belongings and material was purchased so that the lives of all these minors would be a little better. Before, children used to wake up because of the cold. Now, with the improvement of the rooms, they no longer have that problem. These are small changes that mean a lot to our organization and to the centers with which we collaborate!
In addition, we have ended the year celebrating our Solidarity Cane to support the organic farm with which we collaborate in Nepal. We raised 403 euros so that Govinda and her family can build a new farm to continue their work to promote organic and sustainable agriculture.
Diego and Antonio painting one of the rooms in Kenya

New projects

This year, we have incorporated new projects in Mexico, Nepal and Kenya. In January, we traveled to Mexico to visit two initiatives in Chiapas: one little school and one indigenous women's cooperative

In addition, in recent months, Tumaini volunteers have been able to collaborate in two new educational centers: one for Nepalese youth in Kathmandu (Nepal) and another for girls in kenya. We are sure that more and more people will visit them.

In 2017 we will continue working with all the enthusiasm in the world so that more and more people can travel in solidarity. Thank you all for supporting and cheering us on every day. Surely 2017 will be full of good times, trips and solidarity 😃
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