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Bárbara's experience in Bolivia: "I would repeat a thousand times".

Bárbara's experience in Bolivia: "I would repeat a thousand times".

"It has been a experience that I can never forget. A trip and a job that I would repeat a thousand times, if I had the chance.

First of all, I have to say that I feel absolutely enriched as a person and also on a professional level, given that I have had the opportunity to find there two wonderful veterinarians (Aleja and Marta) from whom I can learn in every way, since they have been two great friends, mothers, teachers, confidantes... a description, within which I also include Sandra (“Super Saint” for friends), a full-fledged Catalan, worthy of admiration, altruistic and strong. In short, the people I've met there, generally, divine and a great atmosphere, in addition to the plus of English full time.

On the other hand, I think the work that is carried out is fully deserving of the most valued award: from the time you get up until you go to bed, you live for and for the animals you care for (except Wednesday nights when there is a “Fiesta in Santa María”, Friday nights: “Party at the Café” and, Saturdays, which is the day off for volunteers) and, if you have daylight left, you help other colleagues to finish their work with the camp animals. For all of this and much more, it is an organization that inspires me with unimaginable admiration and respect.

There I have been able to discover nature, life in its purest state... I have been able to confirm my expectations that to live well and fully, very few material things are needed, VERY FEW. Things, whose massive use is destroying the world. I mean that, in the absence of electricity, hot water, running water (sometimes) and, a long etcetera, and living with magnificent animals, whose personalities I will never forget, who give you so much (affection, friendship, love, warmth in the cold days and in the warm ones you don't get rid either, the occasional scratch or bite that makes your friendship with that animal something physical and, inevitably, visible on your skin, and that I would not erase for the world) so, so, so much ... for so little that you have in your hand to offer them.

Personally, I have been able to meet a wonderful "cat", an ocelot called Lazy Cat, who did nothing but die of delight and purr for every caress he received, for every song you sang to him, for every mimit you gave him, for every bit of meat he ate, and for every branch he rubbed against or for every cleft tree in the path he jumped over. With some ailments already due to her long age, but still full of life and desire to continue nagging and affection to many volunteers that she still has to meet.
On the other hand, my work there has also consisted of take care of four wonderful howler monkeys; On the one hand, to the younger ones: Sabrina, Lucho and Luis, to whom I have had the pleasure of giving them dinner, accompanying them until the sunlight disappeared and giving them all my love.

Sabrina: a super special little monkey, defender of justice and opposed to any type of abuse that Luis received from Lucho (the alpha male of the family). Lucho, a crazy gamer, a tireless friend and companion, gluttonous, protector of his own, as long as he was not negligent (injections, anti-fungal creams, anti-lice treatments). Finally, Luis: he is the maximum representation of tenderness, defenselessness, even dependence. He constantly requests love, he needs your warmth and your caresses more than breathing, and that is not entirely good. He still has to grow up, become strong and prove that despite having an alpha male like Lucho, he is strong and competent on his own. 

On the other hand, we have Bitón: he lives in a separate cage because he has a tendency to be very aggressive towards other monkeys. However, with people he "dissolves", although sometimes it is difficult for him to suppress his strong and instinctive character. I have spent a lot of time with him, although much more time has been spent following him, either because I took him for a walk and did not want to return at dinner time, or because he broke the roof of his cage and escaped. . I have put a lot of effort on my part to earn their trust and I feel full knowing that I have achieved it. In short, it is a very special animal, about which I currently have very good news: it has managed to establish a cordial relationship with a family of howler monkeys that it has found in the jungle that surrounds the park and that fills me with pride and joy. .

In addition, I was not aware of certain abilities that I had to exploit in Bolivia by force: who would say to me that I would be able to help put out a fire in the jungle, like a firefighter; or to rake and machete all the brush that covered the firebreak that surrounds the park.

This experience has allowed me to test myself, it has allowed me to know that I can go beyond the limits that I unconsciously set myself, knowing that I am powerful and that I can give a lot of myself, much more of myself than I think I can offer. It has made me improve myself and value myself more as a person. 

It has helped me to accept myself as I am, and all this has been, for the most part, thanks to the confidence that devoting your time to preserve nature gives you, sharing your life with wild animals, which can still hurt you ( by the nature of their instinct) they do not, because they innately have a broader sense of respect for other species than the renowned human reason. 
Also, thanks to the extreme situations that you have to deal with there, to the people who teach you how to deal with these situations and, above all and indispensably, thanks to yourself, who puts your grain of sand: all your effort and determination to give the best of you, all your will to build together with incredible people a border, a barrier or a limit that prevents the destruction of the wonderful world that already is, the one that little by little (actually, on a large scale) we are demolishing , and that thanks to organizations like this and to all the people who exponentially join these types of causes, we can begin to protect it, even if it is, initially, around a few hectares of land.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to dedicate my time to something so important.. As important as protecting an irrevocable right, the most universal and immovable of all: the right to a life of well-being, happiness and freedom for all living beings, regardless of their species»


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