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September 2016

We share one of the first experiences in the little school in Chiapas with which we have started to collaborate this year. Carlos spent almost a month enjoying this marvellous area of Mexico: "The day-to-day life has been very calm. I, in particular, left the hostel at 9 a.m. and, accompanied by one or more other volunteers, took a minibus to the start of the climb up to the top of the mountain.

Carlos is an educator and has worked for a month at the integral education centre we support in Cochabamaba (Bolivia). There he worked with students with different disabilities and with the centre's staff. He himself tells us about his experience: "It has been a very enriching experience and I have felt very loved and valued. I volunteered from Monday to Friday during school hours, which are from 08:30 to 12:00; I also went to the centre some afternoons, but not all of them, to help my colleagues with their work.

"It has been an experience I will never forget, a trip and a work that I would repeat a thousand times if I had the chance. First of all, I have to say that I feel absolutely enriched as a person and also on a professional level, given that I have had the opportunity to meet two great veterinarians (Aleja and Marta) from whom I have learned in every way, as they have been two great friends, mothers, teachers, confidantes

In recent weeks, the works at the orphanage in Kenya have been completed, in which the volunteers who have collaborated this summer at the center and the children have participated. Diego has worked very hard these months so that these much-needed improvements could be finished and We can already see the boys' room finished, the girls' room improved and new materials that will make life a little easier for all these little ones. The exterior walls of the rooms were decorated with educational murals

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