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Paula's experience in Bali: "It's amazing how quickly you adapt to this way of life".

Paula's experience in Bali: "It's amazing how quickly you adapt to this way of life".

"It is difficult to express in words at this moment what this experience has meant to me.

Two girls from Zaragoza decided to spend a month away from home to discover a new culture. Although the first day of volunteering was a bit hard for us, it is surprising how quickly you manage to adapt to a way of life completely different from your own. One of the best things about this experience is share it with people from other parts of the worldWe rely on each other and are able to face challenges with a smile on our faces.

Happiness in the simplest things
It is precisely the smile that the children never lose. Kampung Buitana humble area in the paradise of Bali. There, despite not having facilities and opportunities like ours, they manage to find happiness in the simplest things.

We came here to teach children, and yet we are the ones who have learned. The people of Kampung Buitan have taught us new values and a new way of life. capacity for improvement that are hardly seen in our comfortable developed world.

The work done at the centre is of vital importance. It provides a well-established education in a country where the education system has many shortcomings. It is essential to provide the younger generation with a solid educational foundation on which to build a future and to be able to change the fortunes of many of their families. I am sure that the work of this centre will make an important difference in the lives of these children.

Always ready to help
Bali is, in every aspect, a paradise, both in terms of its scenery and its by the people who live here, who are always willing to helpwith the predominant philosophy of Hinduism.
What has struck me most is that they base all their actions on Karma, and help the person next to them with admirable constancy. Willingness and kindness is something inherent in them.

Living at the centre has also allowed me to meet people from other cultures, in particular from China, the United States and India. I am sure that, without the mutual support, the experience would not have been the same. We took away many anecdotes: moments of laughter and collaboration in preparing the classes and activities for the following day. But also moments of despair when we tried to guess what kind of animal was making that noise we all heard while we slept. Although we ended up getting used to even that.

Undoubtedly, from this intense month I take with me friends, experiences and stories to tell, but above all, I take with me a new part of me that I have gotten to know and I hope to continue to meet in new projects. Projects that I hope will come to mark as important a part of me as this one has done".
Paula, Solidarity trip to an educational centre in Bali, 1 to 15 July 2016

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