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Yaiza's experience in India: "The best thing was being with Tibetan boys and girls"

Yaiza's experience in India: "The best thing was being with Tibetan boys and girls"

Yaiza traveled with Tumaini last May to India. made his Solidarity trip in the nursery for boys and girls tibetans. This nursery offers this service to Tibetan families without resources and helps them care for their children while they have to work.

«What he liked the most was spending time with the kids and the least the farewell. An experience that she values with a 10. She herself tells us about her day to day:

Yaiza with some kids from the nursery

First thing in the morning I walk with other volunteers through the crowded streets of endless commercial stalls. The chaotic defines its two main streets where sixty-year-old cars and tuck tuck come and go without control to the beat of the sound of horns. Our journey ends at the nursery, where the children arrive with the best smile, innocent and transparent. 

Yaiza with workers from the center and other volunteers

The first thing is to call roll and then play, and, as if there were no tomorrow, all the children crawl or run around and instantly make you a participant in their multiple fun. Then it is time to pick up the toys and the children participate as if it were a game.

Then it's time to sing and dance to the rhythm of Tibetan songs and in English to then move on to food. When they finish eating they are taken to their respective potties and their diapers are changed. Then we prepare the mats with their colorful blankets to end the day tucking in and ensuring the children sleep»

Yaiza, v.Tumaini traveler in McLeod Ganj (India), in May 2016

Yaiza, Sofía and Ainhoa, Tumaini travelers in the nursery

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