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Keys to plan a trip V: Is it necessary to get vaccinated before traveling?

Keys to plan a trip V: Is it necessary to get vaccinated before traveling?

Vaccines are important when we are going to travel to Southern Countries. Many times our travelers ask us: Is it necessary for me to get vaccinated? We always We recommend making an appointment at the nearest vaccination center and having it evaluated by a specialist doctor.

Vaccines depend on the destination of our trip, what we are going to do and the areas to visit. For example, if we go to a jungle area, the most likely thing is that they will give us the yellow fever vaccine.

These are the steps we recommend do before traveling:

1. – Make an appointment at the vaccination center closest to our home. If the trip is in the summer monthsIt does not take a long time to make an appointment because the centers collapse and can make an appointment for several weeks later. It is recommended to call to arrange the visit at least 8 weeks before traveling.

2.- Find the nearest vaccination center. In this link you can find the center that best suits you:

Alfonso in one of the rescued fauna centers in Bolivia

3.- Explain our trip to the specialist. When we go to the clinic to get the vaccines, we have to explain the reason for our trip and the places we plan to visit. It is very important to say if we are only going to do tourism or if we are going to collaborate in a project (you have to say if the collaboration will be with people, animals or if it is work related to the environment). In countries with jungle, even if we don't know if we are going, it is better to say yes, just in case. Also indicate if we will be in urban or rural areas. The vaccines that they give us will depend, in many cases, on our explanation of the trip.

4.- if we have any chronic illness or health problem You have to tell the doctor so that he can take it into account.

5.- Some vaccines are paid. There are vaccination centers where the price is reduced if a certificate of volunteering is presented. If you travel with Tumaini, we can make it easy for you.

6.- Take the vaccination card on the trip. It is important to request that they give us this card after they give us the vaccines, so we will know what we have and how long they last. It is also important to take it on the trip in case they ask us for it at the airport, in another medical center or at a border. We also recommend making a photocopy or scanning it to be able to access it in case we lose the original card.

7.- Review after the trip. It is recommended to go for a medical check-up on your return if you are not feeling well, if you have been ill during the trip or if you have been in a southern country for more than three months.

These are the tips for Tumaini about vaccination, in the next post we will give you the keys to choose a good travel insurance.

Remember that it is always better to prevent than to worry later during the trip, so do not leave it for the last moment!
Post by Almu and Mónica, Tumaini coordinators

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