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Keys to planning a trip IV: Travel responsibly

Keys to planning a trip IV: Travel responsibly

June 2 is celebrated World Responsible Tourism Day. To celebrate, we leave you some tips on how to travel and enjoy the place we visit to the fullest.

From Tumaini We defend this way of traveling because it is more enjoyable, better known and more sustainable.

It is in our hands to change irresponsible tourism, you just have to follow these tips:
  • Find out about the place before you travel. The trip begins with the preparation of it. The best thing is to find out about the customs of the area we are going to, what its culture is like, how the people live there, etc.
  • Try to choose tour operators and hotels committed to the local community, that respect human rights and the environment. In this way tourism contributes to the economic development of the area in a very positive way.
  • If you are traveling to a place with a different culture, it is best to adapt to their way of doing things and customs.. We cannot impose our way of doing things because each country has its own customs and it is important to respect them.
  • never give alms. Many times children are used for this, if we give them alms we will reduce their chances of access to receive education and we will help their family and environment see them as an economic benefit.
  • Respect the rules of the place, find out about how to leave tips or if you have to haggle when buying something. There are places where haggling is common, you have to pay attention or ask to know if it is correct to do so. Sometimes it's hard but it's another way to get to know a place. 
  • You have to dress appropriately. From Tumaini We always give advice on this to our travelers, it is essential. In some countries, wearing suspenders or very short pants is disrespectful, so it is important to know this before traveling, also for our own safety.
  • Support local businesses by buying souvenirs at these establishments. In this way you support their work and promote cultural diversity. Never buy products made with endangered plants or animals or take things from archeological sites.
  • Let's not take prejudices to the place we visit Let's try to enrich ourselves with cultural exchange and learn to the fullest!
  • Use services managed by the local community such as transport or eating establishments. It is a good way to get to know the day-to-day life of the local community and you will get a more real image than if you go only in tourist services.
  • Do not leave waste in your path, leave the place as you found it.
  • In natural spaces, try to follow the marked path so as not to damage plants or disturb animals.
  • Save on resources, be sure to close the taps, turn off lights, etc. Remember that they are scarce goods.
  • Ask permission if we want to take photos of a person. This is something we see very often when we travel. People are not objects or animals, so asking for permission is something we must get used to.
  • Taste local food and discover new flavors. This must be done carefully but it is one of the most fun things when traveling, you never know what you can discover!
  • If you want to carry out responsible tourism with animals, follow the advice of our friends from FAADA. On their website you will find tips to avoid screwing up your trip.

Joana in the project that works with elephants (Thailand)
These are some tips that we give you from Tumaini to be more responsible in your travels. After knowing this, all that remains is to enjoy the adventure!
Post by Mónca and Almu, coordinators of Tumaini


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