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Keys to planning a trip III: how do I prepare a travel kit?

Keys to planning a trip III: how do I prepare a travel kit?

Before embarking on a trip, the most common keys to prevent problems and equip ourselves with regard to health are:

1.- Visit a international vaccination center so that they indicate the necessary vaccinations according to the destination to which we travel.

2.- Hire a travel insurance (in the next post we will give you the keys to choose the one that best suits us)

2.- Prepare a good first aid kit: that has everything you need but that does not take up much space in our backpack.

In this post we share our essentials when preparing a travel first-aid kit:

Tumaini travelers in Peru
To clean, heal or prevent wounds
Sticking plaster
povidone iodine
scissors and tweezers
sterile dressings
burn ointment

For digestive discomfort:
Oral serum

For pain, fever, or infections:
Paracetamol or ibuprofen
Insect bites
Insect repellent with DEET

For allergies (if we have):
nasal decongestant
Antihistamine (also come in handy when we have mosquito bites)
Pills for the prevention of dizziness
eye drops

We also want to share some Tricks so that the travel first aid kit takes up little space in our backpack

  • Take the medicines out of their boxes and use a rubber band to include the package insert or instructions for use.

  • Carry all medications in a separate bag to keep them together and located.

  • If we travel accompanied, we can share the contents of the first-aid kit.

And some Precautions to stay healthy during the trip:

We have to take into account that we are traveling to another country, so the food may be different from what we are used to. In certain destinations where hygiene or water quality is poor, it is best to try not to consume raw products (such as vegetables, salads, etc.), avoid street stalls and drink bottled water. In order not to use too much plastic, we can bring our own bottle and refill it.

It is also basic to carry sunscreen with factor greater than 20. In addition to the beach, it will be very useful in high altitude areas where the sun is stronger.

We hope these tips help you prepare your travel kit and enjoy your experiences without setbacks. Remember that if you travel with Tumaini We will give you a list of recommendations so that you do not have any problems 😉

In our next post we will explain where we have to go to find out about the necessary vaccines for our trips.
Post by Almu, Tumaini Communication

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