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David's experience in a rescued fauna center: "There I learned to be happy and smile more"

David's experience in a rescued fauna center: "There I learned to be happy and smile more"

The only difference between us was one nuance: they seemed a little nervous because they had always heard that these trips were life-changing. I, however, was going to do it because life had changed me. But everyone's eyes were shining with the illusion of doing something beautiful, selfless and altruistic.
It was a meeting of Tumaini for travellers going to education projects. I wanted to be there, I wanted to share with them that magical moment of "what are we going to find". However, and although I always longed to participate in an VSolidarity tripAnd I could have been one of them, my course had changed. The end was the same. But the recipients of my work were not. The decision is very simple, to whom do you want to give the most valuable thing you have: your time, and even better, with whom do you want to give it? you want to enrich your existence.
David with the toucan Marwan

After 20 years of teaching, and believing that education is the basis of everything, I had come to a new conclusion: the basis of everything is Nature, because without it, there is nothing.. So my path led me to a remote place in the middle of the Bolivian jungle. A a place that once seemed far away and that now occupies my heart almost entirely because I have never left it..

My life had changed due to factors that I could not control, this time the decision was mine. There is not a day that goes by that I don't rejoice and give thanks for having been so clear about what I wanted to do and for having embarked on this adventure.

Not only has it given me a much better vision of what I can bring to this world, but even better, what this world can bring to me....
My first three weeks in the summer of 2015 were so intense, so incredible, so spectacular, that I had to return after four months. And I will remember that Christmas as one of the most special I have ever had the luxury of enjoying, of feeling useful and above all, of feeling loved. And there you realise that with very little, you have everything.
The love that a small animal transmits is incomparable to nothing else.because it is pure, sincere, and without asking for anything in return. Without conventions, without modesty, without barriers. They only want to love you. They only need to give you their love. 
Milay enjoying herself after eating her papaya.

They choose you to receive all their kindness. And that's why the hours you spend working there have such a different value, because you don't repair cages, you don't prepare food, you don't just clean. 

What you feel is that you repair cages so that Marwan sleeps more comfortably, you prepare food so that Marwan can sleep more comfortably, you prepare food so that Marwan can sleep more comfortably. Milay enjoy with your papaya, and clean so that you can Ivan have a tidy little house.

The tayra Ivan.

Anyone who has lived with animals, anyone who has had pets, cannot imagine what an impressive experience it is to be able to reach dozens of them who wait for you every day to say good morning. And their little faces when they see the api (a typical Bolivian corn-based drink) that they look forward to every morning. And the precious connection you have so differently with each of them, because each one of them is special.And each one of them has a little card in the office so that all of us who arrive there for the first time know that we are not dealing with numbers, we are dealing with unique living beings, with their history and their particularities.

On the other hand, anyone who has never had a bug around is missing out on an essential part of creation. There I learned to be happy and to smile more.. There everything makes sense, there everything comes to life. There you realise that solidarity is something natural that appears when we are all united by an aim that is not only common but also precious.

You discover that among so many people from so many different countries, the tower of Babel does not exist because we all speak the same language, the language of understanding that together we can do wonders and that the greatest reward is to do right by those who deserve it mostFor the weakest, for those who, thanks to places like this, have a second chance to live as close to the way they were entitled to when they were born. There you don't ask yourself why or whose turn it is to do something, it's not even questionable. There you do it and you enjoy doing it.
Balu taking a walk

You learn, and you must spread the word, that these places exist because there are people who have done very bad deeds. And that it is our duty to give back to Mother Nature a little of what others have taken from her.

Because Balú did not choose to have his mother taken away from him. Because Balú is real, and he exists, he is not a Disney story. He is a little bear who now needs you to take a walk along his path. 


David playing with Pepa

Because Pepa did not choose not to be able to go free from tree to tree, but you will be thrilled when one of the many times she is playing with a twig that you brought her from the forest, she will give it to you so that you can play too and because, like all of them, like all animals, she is grateful. 

Hundreds and hundreds of them need many people to be able to carry out all the work they need every day, and miraculously, although there are often almost no volunteers, they do...

When I arrived the second time, I couldn't hold back the excitement of the reunion. I kept looking at the road, longing for the bend leading to the Park. Y it is impossible to convey as much happiness as I received when all of them remembered meThey all shouted with joy when they saw me, hugged me, called me... Both the people who work there and dedicate their lives to this paradise, whom I admire, and its luxurious tenants: monkeys, badgers, birds, turtles and a host of other species...

It's true, before I went, my life had changed. A lot. But now it has made a substantial qualitative and quantitative change. Now it has taken a leap in quality. Now it has been a turning point of no return... And it has all been so beautiful, so emotional, so wonderful, that even though our language has a thousand words to define such spectacular sensations, I don't want to say them, because you have to feel them. You have to feel them...

I hope that one day you will be able to see reflected in yourself the smile with which I write these lines, it only depends on you. I hope that one day you will be able to feel the enormous gratitude that I have for the people and animals that I had the honour to meet and care for in this project, because it could not be greater or more impressive. I will be back, for sure, I will have to come back, they are calling me....
Post by David, a traveller from Tumani on this rescue centre in Bolivia.
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