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Experience in Bali: Eva and Alberto share their sensations

Experience in Bali: Eva and Alberto share their sensations

A new experience in a Solidarity Trip. This time it is double, Alberto and Eva traveled to Bali to collaborate in the educational centre with whom we work there. Upon their return, they told us about the feelings and sensations that this participation has produced in them:

Eva explains how the two weeks they were at the center were:
«My experience has been fantastic in every way. Being able to collaborate intensely with the educational project and do classes for them makes you feel that your help is really useful, because you are actively involved and collaborating every day

Eva with other volunteers and children from the center in a workshop

The cooperation in the center began with the daily preparation of the classes. We prepared the theory, practical exercises, games to practice what we had learned and we defined the dynamics of the assigned classes. At 12:00 the first children began to arrive at the center, we attended to them and played with them until it was time for class.

We started classes at 1:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m., depending on the day of the week and assigned group; there were 2 classes per day; and one day, three classes if the assigned teachers needed help, because the group was very large or the class required it.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays we did special activities to enhance their creativity and have a good time. We did all kinds of crafts proposed by us and it was great: we made bracelets, minions with recycled material, cardboard masks, games... without a doubt the best time with the children, they had a great time and were very motivated.

The best have been them, the children. From the first moment, with their smiles and gestures, sincere and honest. They opened up little by little, gaining confidence and giving us a little more each time. They liked to spend time with us, they came even before classes…they needed attention and affection, a gesture and in return a smile and a look that I will not forget…having the opportunity to give them a little bit of you is very special. Thanks to them you understand why this trip is worth it.»

Alberto with the kids in a craft workshop
Alberto loved learning more about Bali thanks to the boys and girls:
«The best thing has been the experience of teaching the children, of playing with them outside of class and seeing how day by day they gain confidence and open up to you. It has been very enriching to be with them, to learn from them words of their language, things of their culture.

I am left with the feeling of having contributed a little to their education, of having taught them things that will be important to them, and of having also contributed a little to their happiness. It was very gratifying to see how they enjoyed the special activities that we prepared for them.”

 Eve and Albert Solidarity trip in educational center (Bali), January 2016

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