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I want to do a Solidarity Trip. How do I start?

I want to do a Solidarity Trip. How do I start?

Almu's post. Tumaini Communication
Tomorrow we celebrate the International Volunteer Day. This year we do it by giving some tips on how to prepare a Solidarity Trip.
Tumaini Travelers in the Golden Temple (India)

Many times we consider making a different trip; Get to know another country and collaborate on a project. If this is your case, here we give you some keys to make it a unique experience.

– Choose destination: when we make a Solidarity Trip It is important choose the country well. It has to be a place that attracts us, either because we have always wanted to visit it or because it arouses our interest.

David in the project that works with wildlife (Bolivia)
   – Area in which to collaborate: all places are special and if we want to make a Solidarity Trip we must ask ourselves if we want to work in education, with adults or children, in it animal Care, on issues related to environment, etc 

      Although work has not been done before in these areas, it must be something that we like, that we have desire to learn more about them and that motivates us.

   - Language: a Solidarity Trip It is an experience that we have to live in a close way. It is very important to be able to communicate with the people of the project and for this we must pay attention to the language that is used. If we cannot communicate well in English, it is better to choose a country where Spanish is spoken., so we will have a closer relationship with the people we meet.

Jesus in the educational center of Cusco (Peru)
   – Commitment: When we decide to collaborate on a project, the period is taken into account. The center carries out a planning so that you have an active collaboration. It is important the commitment in the period that we have said so that you do not have to change that planning at the last moment.

   - I respect: We travel to countries with a different culture, we must respect this. Learning and observing is essential. We can talk to the people in charge of the center about situations or aspects that are different to us in order to understand it better. You also have to pay attention to the way you dress and other issues that we will advise you on before traveling.

These are some important keys to make a Solidarity Trip. Whether you travel with Tumaini or with another organization, don't forget to ask any questions you have. That's our job!

Isabel, Jhoany and Rafa at the Nairobi orphanage (Kenya)

When you choose the project, all that remains is to enjoy the experience and make the most of it. We are sure it will be unique experience Live the!
Happy Volunteer Day!

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