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Post by Almu and Monica (Tumaini)
Last November we started a crowdfunding campaign to improve the facilities orphanage and school with which we collaborate in Nairobi (Kenya). Our goal was 4,000 euros that were going to be used to finish a water well and improve the bathrooms for the boys and girls at the center.

This Campaign ended yesterday, January 10, and we have almost achieved 5,000 euros. We have no words to thank all the people who have contributed in one way or another to this improvement.

Boys and girls in one of the classes

More than 40 people have contributed directly to the campaign and many others came to our first Caña Solidaria to support this project. With this Cane we got 500 euros and also, we were able to meet again with travelers and friends of Tumaini.

In addition to this collection, the company Training Express has donated 3,000 euros to the project to contribute to further improvements.

With more funds available, to improve the center, we have decided to expand the improvements. This work will be done during 2016 and will have several phases:

Current room for the children of the center

January – February 2016: We will finish everything related to the water well.

February April: We will look for a qualified person who travels to the project and who can work, in collaboration with the center, on improving the bathrooms and rooms.

From May: The works will begin on the bathrooms and the improvement of the rooms of the boys and girls of the center. In principle, we plan to change the rooms, building them with a safer material that insulates better (currently they are made of uralite), buying beds for each child, also expanding the size of the rooms to ensure a better rest.

All these phases are planned in this way, although we all know that in Kenya sometimes things go a little slower than here, those of us who have been there have lived closely the "pole pole" that characterizes them :). For this reason, we will go reporting on the construction and improvement process so that you have the information as quickly as possible.

Thank you for making these improvements a reality.


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