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Jou's experience in India: "I felt like one of the family"

Jou's experience in India: "I felt like one of the family"

"My experience It has been very enriching to be able to become aware of the reality of the Tibetan people in exile, honest, calm and peaceful people who are forced to leave their country to get out of oppression. 

Jou and África, another Tumaini traveller, with Yeshi, founder of the project

In the project my functions were to collaborate with the library construction, collaborate with coffee design and help the diffusion of activities from the center (yoga, city tours, Tibetan folk show, etc.)

There are two things that I really liked:

Feeling one more of the project family has been the best feeling. They are a bit shy and closed to their circle when it comes to gaining confidence and getting a little more intimate, so sometimes they can seem a bit distant, but as happens to all people, if we cross that self-protection shield, we will be at the side by side with some of the most special, kind, humorous, grateful and humble people I have ever met.

– Check that the aid given by the Government of India to the Tibetans, among other things giving up their lands so that they can live near the Himalayas, is returned by the Tibetans in aid such as the one provided by the "Ton-Len" Institution, founded by Jamyang (Tibetan Buddhist monk), with a fundamental principle... "Compassion ACTIVE».

Jou with one of the girls from the project team

What I liked the least was the spiciness of the food…;)
Well, for those who want to have a more critical opinion of India, it is a bit chaotic, noisy, smelly and messy… But there is something about it!

In the project I felt very comfortable. 

The optimism and the small distances that can appear between Yeshi and the volunteers, you immediately understand as gestures of trust, closeness, democracy and many other values... and with regard to Tenzine (General Coordinator), Dolma (studies coordinator), Sanam (Reception boy), Karma and Kunchok (kitchen), Tsering (in charge of carpentry, painting, etc.) and some more of the workers and artists... I can only say, that their smiles reach your heart…»
Whoa, Solidarity trip to India, September 2015

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