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Jessica's experience in India: "They always seem delighted to live and have you there with them"

Jessica's experience in India: "They always seem delighted to live and have you there with them"

Jessica collaborated this summer in the two projects we worked with in northern India. This was their experience:

Jessica and Chenhui in the project working with adults

"During the volunteering period, together with my partner Chenhui, I worked in the mornings in the kindergartenwe support in the childcare (games, feeding, cleaning of the facilities, etc.).

In the afternoons, I collaborated in the project working with adults. I contributed to the reorganisation of the libraryMy role was to read the summaries of the books in order to place them in the appropriate category.

The best thing I take away from there are all the conversations I have had with wonderful and, above all, interesting people. Their way of seeing life, of feeling, of thinking, of living; I take with me everything they have generously shared with me: smiles, hugs, thanks, songs, dances... many good things.

Farewell photo at the nursery

The treatment there has been impressive. It is amazing how people who don't know you and who know that you are only going to be there for a month can give you so much without asking for anything in return. You can't ask for better treatment, they were always available, they always attended to any need we had, any need, and if they couldn't solve it at that moment they looked for a way to do it later; they always had a smile for us, you never, at any time, see a bad gesture from them; they always seem delighted to live and to have you there with them".
Jessica, Solidarity trip to India in July 2015

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