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Belén experience in Cusco: »I have learned a lot on this trip»

Belén experience in Cusco: »I have learned a lot on this trip»

Belén spent two weeks in Cusco in which she was able to collaborate in the two centers that have the project with which we collaborate. Here he tells us about his experience:

«I spent two weeks in the school in Cusco and one in Lamay. Both in the afternoon shift.

In the first part, he helped the children with their homework and, failing that, gave them tutoring or reinforcement in something that he thought would be good for them. In the second part of the afternoon, at the school in Cusco we would get together with our family to prepare the group activity on Friday. 

In the courtyard of the center of Cusco doing activities with the kids

At the Lamay school we organize workshops. Together with Alicia, who is a nurse, we did a health workshop, specifically about the senses: what they are, how to take care of them... organizing games so that they could recognize them and know how a person who lacks one of them feels. 

With one of the children from the center

What I liked the most is that I enjoyed it a lot! I have learned a lot from the children and from my fellow students.

The treatment in the center of Cusco has been very good, it is a great family.”

Belen: Solidarity trip in the educational center of Cusco (Peru), June 2015

With some of the Tumaini travelers in Machu Picchu


  • Anonymous
    September 3, 2015

    Dear Belen, your time in our community has been a gift from pachamama (mother earth). Thanks for the time , my heart . and may your light continue to emit the frequencies of your being. may the apus (sacred Andean mountains) take care of you and your family
    remember that you have a home in CUSCO – PERU


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