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Cristina's experience in Nepal: "It has been a great personal satisfaction"

Cristina's experience in Nepal: "It has been a great personal satisfaction"

Cristina spent two weeks collaborating in the organic farm with whom we work in Nepal. It was before the earthquake that devastated this wonderful country. Your experience helps us to know how everything was before and to work to get everything back to normal as soon as possible. 

 «I have lived with the family of the Govinda coordinator, eating with them, sleeping in one of the rooms of their house, carrying out the daily routine of the family, etc…

For several days I worked helping on the farm during a few hours (from 9 to 12 and from 16 to 18). I mainly carried out garden maintenance tasks such as removing weeds, replanting, watering, preparing the land, fertilizing, etc. 

traditional nepali welcome
Working in the organic garden

On the other part of the trip, the coordinator Govinda acted as guide and We toured some villages in Nepal (Lumbini, Dalla, Bardia National Park...) and we do some leisure activities such as visiting temples, lodging in a typical Nepali homestay, attending a typical dance, walking through the jungle in Bardia looking for tigers and rhinos...

The experience has been completely cultural immersion since we have lived as one more and we have done the day to day just as they do. The personal satisfaction What can be achieved in such a remote place by changing all your customs and adapting to the new ones is enormous.”

Cristina, volunteer in March 2015, in the organic farm in Nepal.

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