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Chus' experience in India: "Reality has exceeded all my expectations"

Chus' experience in India: "Reality has exceeded all my expectations"

It's been great! A fantastic experienceI imagined that doing the volunteering I had wanted to do for so many years would be a very good and positive thing, but the reality has exceeded all my expectations... 😀
I have met amazing people, Tibetans, Indians and travellers. Everyone there is and goes with a good predisposition and that helps to make the stay very pleasant and peaceful.

Chus with her students

In tibetworldthe first month I collaborated by giving English conversation classes to school children in the mornings and to Tibetan monks in the afternoons.. It was curious and a lot of fun, the teenagers were full of energy and curiosity and the monks more serene and focused on Tibet, they miss their land and their people very much.

When the Winter Program (the classes) ended, the Winter Break (Tibetan New Year) began and during those weeks, in which we were very quiet (only me as a volunteer and even only me in the guest house), we took advantage of the opportunity to organising studentsI made them a lot of excel tables for their better organisation, a couple of hours a day in the mornings more or less. I think they are going to use them and they are going to be very useful, I'm very happy!

 What I liked most about my experience was ...... EVERYTHING!!!

With part of the project team 

The Tibet World team is fantastic, they were very caring and generous to me (and to all people in general, they are like that!!!).

I felt like I was in a family, as more volunteers have said, and it's true, you feel very much at home, they give you advice, they ask you questions, it's all very relaxed and pleasant.

They give you flexibilityYou can get involved in their project as much as you want, they are very "easy going", I liked them a lot.

I also liked McLeod Ganj a lot, it is a small village full of shops, cafes and people, I thought it was going to be quieter because of Buddhism and the Dalai Lama's residence, but the opposite is true! And precisely that which at first shocked me, has been another strong point of my experience, I've laughed as I had done for a long time, I've gone out, come in, gone, come...
I have met many people (Tibetans, Indians, volunteers and travellers, as I said before), and that has also made me feel good, I like people, talking, sharing. I had the same feeling as when I was finishing my degree, that feeling of wanting to make the most of the time, laughter, people, relaxation, everything easy and simple, no worries!

Chus with Vanessa, another of Tumaini's travellers in India.

I have been delighted with Tibet World, McLeod Ganj, India, Tumaini... better impossible !!!! 😀
Patricia, a volunteer from January to March 2015, in the project we are collaborating with in India

Remember that you can collaborate with this project from here and help to continue giving training to the Tibetan population. Chus together with Patricia have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds:

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