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Patricia's experience in India: How Tibetan culture changed her life

Patricia's experience in India: How Tibetan culture changed her life

Patricia was in India last January. He collaborated giving English classes to Tibetan refugees in one of the Projects who we work with at McLeod. We have been able to closely follow his experience thanks to his Blog, we recommend you follow him to learn more about the Tibetan people and their culture. Back, he has given us a summary of his work that month.
Patricia on the volunteer board
«At Tibet World I taught children aged 13 and 15 apart from adults and carried out administrative tasks. Over there the atmosphere is very good and relaxedI felt like I was at home, all the volunteers ate together almost every day.
What I liked the most about my experience was the English classes. Thanks to the fact that they were conversation classes and that they were groups of different ages I was able to learn a lot about their culture through them.

I also really liked that most of the volunteers who worked there at the time I was there were Tibetans, so that It has given me the opportunity to get deep into your society and learn a lot..

It is a town that has impressed me a lot, they have a way of thinking with Buddhist philosophy that I find amazing.

The treatment in the project has been ten, They treat all volunteers with a lot of respect and affection, over there I felt like at home«.

Patricia, volunteer January 2015 in India

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