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Happy after the Encounter with Tumaini

Happy after the Encounter with Tumaini

Last Saturday we were able to enjoy a very special afternoon with your company. Thank you very much to all the people who were able to come to the first Encounter with Tumaini. It was an afternoon to publicize all the projects with which we collaborate and a very close way of sharing what for us is a Solidarity Trip.

Almu and Monica at the presentation

Many of the people who are going to travel this year with Tumaini met each other. They will participate in projects Kenya, India, PeruThey shared their desire to have this experience and were able to meet other volunteers who will go on the same dates. In addition, they chatted and asked travelers from Tumaini who have already collaborated on these projects.

It also served for people interested in traveling to get to know us closely and to see how we work, who we are and who have traveled with us.

We cannot fail to mention the travelers from Tumaini who shared their experience in the projectsWe think they were the most special moments.

Patricia and Yeshi, coordinator. of the project

patricia we were moved by his participation in India, where he worked with Tibetan refugees. He explained to us the process he followed to make the decision and make this trip. He also told us about the English classes he gave in the project.

He discovered a culture that fascinates him and was able to share many anecdotes with people from there. His enthusiasm for working and supporting the project from here showed us how this type of travel changes lives.

Eneko in the Kenya project

Lara, Mariano, Eneko and Kenya remembered their participation in the orphanage and school in Kenya. They explained their day to day and what activities they did: support in classes, crafts or construction tasks.

They are still moved when they remember that these boys and girls are happy with very little.

Tumaini collaborators, such as Luis and Chris, told us about their visit to the centers in Indonesia and Bolivia respectively. We were able to enjoy the videos they recorded in these projects during their experience. He Bolivian video You can see it on our facebook page and we will share the video made in Nusa Penida soon.

Something is very clear to us, the want to repeat this kind of encounters. In Madrid or in other cities. We believe that it is a very nice way to get to know you and for you to get to know us. So this is the first of many, we will do more so that you can come and share a very special afternoon with the team. Tumaini We will inform you! 🙂


  • Sai Mena
    March 25, 2015

    The video from Bolivia is beautiful… What beautiful and affectionate animals 🙂


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