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Judit's experience in India: I really liked sharing knowledge with all the people I have met

Judit's experience in India: I really liked sharing knowledge with all the people I have met

It has been a short experience, just over 2 months, but intense 🙂 This time has gone through several different phases. 

Preparing the workshop with recycled paper
My volunteering in tibetworld has been on a fairly free and spontaneous schedule, when needed and when the opportunity arose. I have designed and set up the notice board at the entrance, helped to organise events, drawn a map of McLeod Ganj for future volunteers and for marketing, and run a recycled paper workshop with teenagers during the winter school holidays.

Felt workshop with refugee women
In rogpamy volunteering has had a more gradual evolution. We started with the design of each little animal in felted wool (according to the drawing of the Tibetan Animals story that will be published for the inauguration of the Children Library), and then the felting classes for the women.

D.uring the school holidays, I have done some open activities for children, like baking, games, etc. For Christmas we have made biscuit workshops with the employees of Rogpa Cafe. In this way they were able to sell Christmas biscuits, with the aim of subsidising the children's programme of activities during the school holidays.
One of the things I have enjoyed the most has been meeting the people I have met along the way. Their stories. Share knowledge with them and continue to grow together.. Bringing from each and every one what has emerged. Your smile.
Aometimes the organisation in Tibet World was not as I liked it.but I also want to say that Yeshi and the other people working there (Ilisa, Kunsho, Sonam, Tashi and Tsempa) are superb. hospitality, so that everything seems to be easier at the beginning of volunteeringAnd over time they are still there, they count on you and a big family is created.

Judit, volunteer November 2014-January 2015, in the projects in India

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