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This Christmas, Fair Trade

This Christmas, Fair Trade

Post by Tumaini's team
We are many organizations that believe that another world is possible, either through raising awareness by carrying out solidarity travel like the ones you offer Tumaini or making responsible consumption where we live. Christmas is coming and with it the purchase of gifts and typical products for these dates. This year we suggest you visit Fair Trade stores.
We can find different products such as coffee, chocolate, decorative items, clothing, etc. In addition, there are more and more stores that make special baskets for Christmas and that they sell online. 
Why buy fair trade products? The Fair Trade State Coordinator gives us 10 reasons to do so:
One of the baskets in the store Setem
  1. Because workers and workers receive a decent wage.
  2. Because they receive the same salary for the same task.
  3. Because there is no child labor exploitation.
  4. Because it is respectful with the environment.
  5. Because it maintains a long-term business relationship.
  6. Because part of the production is pre-financed.
  7. Because organizations work democratically.
  8. Because it respects cultural identity.
  9. Because part of the profits go to development projects for the entire community.
  10. Because they are high quality items.

On the same website of the Fair Trade State Coordinator You will be able to find the stores of the organizations, which are members of its network, by province.

Other organizations that also have Fair Trade products are Afrikable with precious products made by women at risk of exclusion in Kenya or the project gear box, with boxes of products for very special gifts.

Also remember that with Tumaini You can also collaborate with a Fair Trade project in India, where Tibetan women make handicrafts for their economic empowerment.

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