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Pepa's experience in Nepal: "They have been like a family to me"

Pepa's experience in Nepal: "They have been like a family to me"

milking in the morning
In the project we got up early, around 8 we had breakfast and did different tasks depending on the day.
From milking, to working in the greenhouse with the tomatoes, placing guides, tying the bushes to the timbers delicately, watering, filling the seedbeds...




Orchard where we worked



One day we also went to dig the road and fill in the grooves that the rainwater had left and prevented vehicles from passing through.

Milking, making butter, yogurt, cooking and learning recipes with Chetana who was a wonderful cook…


Picking vegetables from the garden to make dinner, sifting the rice... 


Talking, exchanging ways of life here and there, singing (hahahaha!), wash clothes (by hand, of course)… The attention of the family has been sensational, wonderful!!! I do not have words to describe it! They have been a family in Nepal to me, I can't say more.

I have also travelled, trekking, rafting and paragliding... I have met many people thanks to Govinda on the one hand, who made me feel like a neighbor from Nepal, someone familiar, and on the other thanks mainly to mountaineering trekking. You meet a lot of people there and then you find yourself in different places.

One of the things that I liked the most was  the way of doing, speaking, helping and living of the Nepalis. Your hospitality and curiosity.

So I have always done a little bit of everything from the predisposition and enthusiasm and I have returned with a backpack loaded with love and dreams to fulfill.


Cooking with Chetana
sifting rice


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