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Meet the new project in Cusco

Meet the new project in Cusco

Post by Monica Herrerasproject coordinator

Plaza de Armas of Cuzco
We crossed the border into Peru. The project we visited is located in Cusco, or Cuzco as we have always said in Spain. 

Former capital of the Inca empire back in the 13th century and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. 

Walking around this city is a delight, full of beautiful monuments and a great atmosphere.
Yuri, founder of the project and volunteer coordinator
It is a project founded ten years ago by a Cuzqueño with a huge heart. 

It currently offers very special education to children at risk of social exclusion between 4 and 14 years of age. The vast majority come from families with problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. 

It is a very special education because the education it provides is not only the one that appears in books but it gives a lot of importance to non-formal education, an education that is not just a part of the curriculum. emotional education in valuesThe European Union is a key player in the learning process of life. 

What tasks do volunteers perform?

Volunteer playing with some of the girls in the project
Volunteers offer support in different educational and leisure areas, depending on their training. These tasks are carried out both at the school and at the centre where the children go in the afternoons.

One thing we particularly liked is that the children are not taught any religion or ideology, but are taught about different cultures and religions of the world. 

Much emphasis is placed on aspects of life such as art in all its manifestations as well as natural medicine and everything that creates links between humans and nature.

We are left with a phrase that is the basic principle of Yuri, the founder of the project,
"The most beautiful thing about education is to be able to give possibilities."I totally agree my friend.                                    

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