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Emma's experience in India: "Being able to live among them as one more"

Emma's experience in India: "Being able to live among them as one more"

Emma has spent almost three months collaborating on both projectcts we collaborate with in India and who work with tibetan refugees. He has told us about his experience in a very special way.

In her daily yoga class

Until now, he is the person who has spent the longest time in the projects with which Tumaini collaborates. For this very reason, we wanted to start with his experience and share how his evolution was in those months.

collaborated on rogpa, helping in the care of the boys and girls who attend the nursery and in tibetworld giving yoga classes and supporting various activities of the organization. 



The first month: I want to save the world

Landing with sword and shield... We think we live in an open-minded country and when we come to a place like Mcleod you realize how wrong we are. We close ourselves trying to impose our rules and customs because we think that this is the right thing to do and what should be done and we do not pay attention to what is happening around us.

We think that our presence is essential and we act as such, wasting energy wherever you go, as if it were fireworks...

Second month: the world saves me...

Little by little…wasted energy is paid dearly…what can they live without you!!????!!!!!!!! Of course girl….of course!!!!!! They have done it throughout their lives... how is the EGO... 

Emma in one of McLeod's temples

What a good cure it is to travel alone and realize that your world is a very small world and that no one there cares about your standards, or your rules... not imposed, not forced, not "just because"... and you realize also note that there are more worlds that turn and live in the same one as yours and that work, even better than yours…. I HAD FORGOTTEN SO MANY THINGS, BUT I'M BEGINNING TO REMEMBER...


Third month: be water…

Everything turns in the same direction, everything speaks the same language... I move as if I were in the water, lightly, slowly and almost without making noise... I begin to understand and stop talking to just observe. 

One of McLeod's streets

I like to be among them without them noticing, they no longer look at me or ask me, they attend class and there is no difference between red or orange tunics, scarves in their hair or around their necks, long pants or shorts. They just want to learn and are no longer curious.

My summary of the trip: The people of Mcleod are air, their way of understanding life is wind, we are earth... that's my feeling... I had a taste of earth in my mouth and now I bring my body full of air...




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