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Education for children with special needs

Education for children with special needs

Post by Monica Herrerasproject coordinator

This tanned-skinned woman is 75 years old and her grandson is eight. He has great difficulty walking, but every morning his grandmother takes him loaded in the aguayo, combining sections in trufi (collective vans) and sections on foot. 

This proof of love is one of those exhibited by one of the organizations we visited, which has a project to help 257 children with physical or mental disabilities.

We are in Cochabamba, a beautiful city with a warm climate and great colors. All the projects we visited in this city are related to children with special needs. We stay at the home of Alejandra, Jorge and Carla, founders of a project to receive volunteers, who treat us as if we were one more member of the family. Thank you again!

In Bolivia there are almost 400,000 people with some type of disability or permanent difficulty. Discrimination, due to disability, prevents these people from accessing education on equal terms, which generates marginalization and impedes access to decent work. 

In many cases, families do not understand the disability and when they see that it is something "irreversible" and that there is no cure, they abandon their son or daughter. 

All solidarity trips in this place have a common denominator, they try to combat discrimination children and adults with disabilities. 

What tasks do volunteers have?

Tumaini works with three centers:

One of them is a comprehensive education centre where, apart from school, various therapies and professional opportunities with workshops such as sewing, cooking, paper recycling, etc. 

Another of the centers in which you can collaborate is in a special education orphanage with children who have been abandoned by their families. Most of the boys and girls who come in here have a moderate to profound disability and a lot of help is needed to feed them, take care of them, take them for a walk...

The third project that we are going to include in the platform is related to the equine therapy.

It offers comprehensive therapy to promote the rehabilitation of children and adolescents at a neuromuscular, psychological, cognitive and social level using the horse as a therapeutic tool. 

It is especially indicated for disorders such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc. and it is a project suitable for families.

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